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Mike shows an incredible talent at drawing, but displays uncanny insights on deeper meanings about life.

Meanwhile, back at Phaecia, Michael is getting worse and Lincoln resorts to a last desperate play of cards by contacting Sarah while she and Jacob were about to share a couple’s night of wine and blue skies. Lincoln tells her about Michael being poisoned and how they could not get professional help without the police capturing them, she decides to come over there to help them and though Jacob tried to prevent her from going but she remains adamant. They are to meet in Crete while Ja decides to stay back and start over in Phaecia.

Gogh and A&W discuss about a meeting scheduled with the state department about 21 Void and voices his doubt about both mission and their decision to let the NSA contact live.

Whip calls Michael his real name and tries to keep his spirits up by famzing while they await Sarah in a hotel room.

Mike is snatched by an unseen figure while playing with a toy copter and backed by his stepped father, Jacob, who was busy on a computer.

Sarah returns with Linc and transfuses blood to Michael from hers.

Whip and Linc bond over a bottle of spirit and try to work out a way to get off the island.

Agent Kishida confronts the twin of coolness about their visit to the NSA, the death of Abu Raman and their attempt on the life of Kaniel Outis. (I could have told him all the whys but how can he not see that these two are pure evil sef?)

Michael asks for a picture of Mike before telling Sarah why she wasn’t supposed to see his face again.

While Kishida runs off his mouth about proof of the twins’ visit to the NSA and prosecution and BANG! A bullet in the head, although the gun has a silencer sha.

Meanwhile, seeing the picture of Mike who they had promised not to call Junior (but Mike and Michael are different now?) and Jacob, he tells her he is Poseidon. He tells her how he got blackmailed to work for him by threatening the family, then about the set up when Jacob (Poseidon) killed the CIA operative and framed him. Michael gives some insight on a bigger counter plan to screw Poseidon. (From behind most likely).

Linc contacts Sucre who is at sea about to deliver a good to Morocco near them and he tells them they require 50K  to get on the ship and slip back into The States, Sarah sacrifices  her grandmother’s ring.

Michael advices Sarah to go back home and pretend everything is normal and she agrees but tells him she would kill Jacob if he hurts Mike.

Jacob gives Gogh instructions on how to tighten the net around the fugitives and his walked upon in the middle of the phone call by Mike.

Sarah gets back and plays well into the role of good wife to Jacob and even lies to him about Michael’s behavior and she is told that Mike slept over at a friend’s house and she lies about what happened to her grandmother’s ring.

On the ship to The States the Captain receives a message of pictures of the wanted Kaniel Outis and he contacts the authorities who deploy a Navy team to destroy him.

Sarah asks her friend to get Mike from his friend’s and not to bring him home until she contacts her.

Michael and the others are locked in their cabin but Sucre then pretends to be locked up by them and tells them they went out the window with a piece of clothe twisted into a rope a compelling evidence and the Navy are thrown off by the feint and leave the room (Hey God! So these guys are even more gullible than Agent Kishida sef?!) Then they crawl out of their hiding place in the room. They run into the engine room where they await Sucre to let them in from the other side as the soldiers close in on them. Sucre easily gets out of the bounds he intentionally made loosely tied and when the last soldier leaves him alone with the captain he knocks him out cold, then opens the engine room where they steer the ship in a different direction.

In the house back in The States, Sarah and Jacob play a little cat and mouse game of who can be the best at acting gullible. Then she grabs a gun after her friend calls her and confirms she got Mike.

The ship moves into enemy’s water and the SEALS abandon the ship as Jacob makes a call that results in the ship being fired upon with missiles just as Michael and the rest just makes it out by jumping into the sea.

Sarah thinking she had anticipated Jacob confronts him with the gun but he (come on girl! He is freaking POSEIDON, CIA couldn’t catch him, where your brain at girl? Four seasons and you still fooling yourself?) already had Gogh waiting for Eda, and she is threatened to put the gun down.

*This ends on a sad note*

PS: No there isn’t one for this, except that ish about Sucre being conveniently headed for Morocco just when they needed a ship. Then I like how the directors didn’t waste time with Linc trying to get Sara not to give away the ring. (They have had a long run together and sacrifices were normal to them)

by Obinna Jones

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