I had to go

I still have to go - elsieisy log - poetry

I can’t promised to stay forever,But still I don’t want to go,I have promise quite a countless Dames i do stay forever,And still I had to go.

What makes u differentThat I don’t wanna goMaybe it’s the sweet serenade of your voiceAll the sparkles of your eyes,I just can’t say, but nay for no apparent reason I don’t wanna go

I love it when I am deep in pussy and you call out ma nameYou hold me tight and will never let goMaybe that’s why I don’t wanna go

But you know you are beautiful like the 7am sunYou shine like a diamondYou sway like a wounded gazelleHow beautiful it is to hear of your tale to tellBut alas to ma human natureYou good enough for meBut still I still have to go

Wanna make sweet love to youTake you to pearly gatesSing you to sleep,Massaging your backBut you wake up and find outIts 7am in the morningAnd I ain’t beside you no more

….by Black boy

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