“LINDA IKEJI must pay for this property right”

I have been seeing this brouhaha on my Facebook wall since yesterday and decided to ignore. Saw it this morning on Linda Ikeji blog and I went ‘Oh well!!!”

But now ehn, I can’t take my eyes off anymore because this man boy must be very foolish (forgive my language). This guy’s foolishness is so profound that I think his family members, both nuclear and extended should call a meeting on his behalf as soon as possible to help him out.

After displaying such stupidity and being reprimanded by almost everyone (it is ‘almost’ because ode dey always get crew too) he still has the guts to say he wants to sue Linda. Sue her for what exactly?

 lib sue

I heard the same post is also on NairaLand, please do add Seun Osewa to your list of those you want to sue. Its just sooo annoying. If you missed the very post by the so called Azolike Nonso Afamefuna, view below. According to him, the girl in question isn’t a wife material because she suggested they meet in an eatery. I am still wondering they should have met, probably in his bedroom or hotel room.


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