A frog can change its skin texture

Scientist discover frog that can change its skin’s texture: A newly discovered species of Andean frog can go from prickly to smooth in a matter of minutes, say researchers.

A fingernail-size frog that can morph its skin texture from spiny to smooth in just minutes is the first shape-shifting amphibian ever found, according to a new report.

The tiny “mutable rain frog” (Pristimantis mutabilis) was discovered on the western slopes of Ecuador‘s Andes Mountains, in a protected cloud forest reserve. The misty, fog-enshrouded Chocó cloud forest is a biodiversity hotspot, and the protected area, called Reserva Las Gralarias, is also home to several rare birds and butterflies. A new glass frog species, the Las Gralarias glass frog, was reported there in 2012.

Scientists from Cleveland’s Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Metroparks found the shape shifter during their annual survey of….READ FULL REPORT HERE

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