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The clock on the wall was exactly 10pm. I was locked tightly in the Don’s arms as we lay naked on the bed. We had just spent about 2 hours of intense sex. I was exhausted while the Don had a satisfied smile placed on his face. He was about drifting to dream land when I touched him gently

We need to talk sweetie

He held me tighter as his eyes opened staring lustfully at me

Talk about what?”

I turned to face him stroking his beards

I’ve been thinking about your proposal. What do you think causes a man to marry more than one wife?

He peered at me closely wondering where I’m driving to

I wouldn’t know. I don’t intend to despite the fact I’m crazy about sex. I’ll rather have mistresses everywhere

That was exactly what I wanted him to say

How many mistresses do you have?

I didn’t realize you planned on examining me, I would have prepared adequately for it

I betted my eyes, dipped my right hand under the cover to play with his balls.

Indulge me baby, I’m curious. Now you’ve stated your terms I want to lay mine down.”

It doesn’t take much to get this man hard. He was already getting excited. I enjoy talking to a man while getting him sexually aroused. It’s an easy way to get a man to listen. At first he might not be paying attention to what you are saying because he’ll only be thinking of how to sink himself into you but the moment you stop playing with him, walk away from him leaving him turned on then you start talking, his senses will be alert and then he will really listen. He will listen because he’ll want you to finish saying what you want to say and come finish what you started. So I stood up from the bed. I looked back at him, saw the disappointment in his face. Good. Let him sweat a little. I bent down to pick my undies from the floor. I could have left it laying there till the next morning but I wanted him to stare at my naked backside. And he was staring. Good. I sat down on the sofa opposite the bed, spread my legs open so he could see all the goods

Like I said I’ll agree to your terms but on one condition

Name it” he said but he wasn’t looking at my eyes. He was looking between my legs

I’ll be with you every day but I need to work for some months more

He was already shaking his head disagreeing to my terms. I continued not letting my hopes down

I will like to own a pharmacy but I need more experience. I’ve not worked up to a year and I need at least a year experience

“Baby I need you with me round the clock so come up with another business venture then get your ass back in bed so I can fuck that pussy of yours

Was I losing the negotiations here? No way will I give up on my only chance at being free. It was risky what I was about to suggest. But I was willing to risk it. Yemisi or Ngozi might fuck him better than I do and before you know it I’ll be second or third best. I wasn’t in love with the Don and I wouldn’t be foolish to let myself get too emotionally attached to him. This was just business. Even if he prefers their sexual prowess to mine I don’t mind as long as I get that money in my account. Besides it was only a matter of time before he gets tired of me or sees someone better than me. A nympho will always be a nympho. They can never stick to one woman for long.

What if I get some of my friends to help me take care of you when I’m not available?” I’m yet to find a man that’s not game for some three-some

I watched his reaction. At first he was surprised. Then he smiled stroking his beard along with thoughts of a three-some

It’s been a while I had that. About some months ago to be precise. I wouldn’t mind having an extra girl in bed with me you know

Not just one but two

He sat up straight as he said with so much joy “that will be crazy

“Yes it will baby

This time he got up from the bed walking towards me

What will it cost me?”

If you like them after having them then we can have different shifts between us three. While two of us are working, one will be here to take care of you. That’s the way it will work. What do you think?”

He knelt down in between my leg while his hands rested on my laps

I think it’s the most brilliant idea ever baby as long as they are as good and beautiful as you are and you don’t mind sharing

I don’t mind. I just want junior to be very very happy but first to secure me you’ve got to let me take that money to the bank then I’ll pay the girls the first day. Mind you, they are not whores. It took me a while to convince them to do this

Ok baby. I’m a rich man…that money is small to me. Let them come and if they’re good like you then we’ll make new arrangements. I’ll pay them real big if they agree to it. You my darling…” His hands moved from my laps to my fleshy pussy lips, gliding over it before connecting to the clitoris. I gasped

“…I’m getting fond of. If you decide to still stick around till I’m gone, I’m getting you that car I promised

I was so happy that I put in more energy than usual as I mounted him the cow-girl style.

The next day I rushed to work excited that the Don had agreed when I suggested I bring Yemisi and Ngozi with me but first I and the driver had gone to the bank to deposit the money into my account. Now I was 2 million naira richer. The Don had removed 1 million out of it because I didn’t agree to his initial arrangements. I didn’t mind. After all I might never make that amount of money till I die. He was going to pay them with the 1 million he had removed. Everything was going as planned. I got to the hospital late. This lateness was starting to become a normal routine, I have to put a stop to it. I wasn’t so lucky this time. Dr. Philips had asked for me to join him at the operating room…that was how he got to know I had not checked in. He requested that I come immediately to his office the moment I step my legs in the hospital.

I thought of a nice story to tell that resulted to my coming late and came up with the perfect one. A perfect story that brings sympathy when told right. I knocked at his office door, waited for a reply before going in. There he was sitting at his table, my boss with a pencil between his fingers. I rarely get to see him. A glimpse when he passes was all I usually get. It was Dr. James who interviewed me for this job so this was the first time I was meeting face to face with my boss. He didn’t look like a doctor. He looked like a movie star. Like one of those handsome Hollywood actors. His beard was already going white and so were some of the hair on his silky head. Don’t you just love a guy with white beards? He had piercing blue eyes that kind of looked into your soul and tell that you are not bring truthful. I was uncomfortable the way he was looking at me like I was some kind of specimen in a lab.

Good day sir

He replied with a nod then stretched his hand indicating I should sit down on the chair opposite him. Then he spoke with that clean American ascent I always love hearing even though I sometimes don’t hear all they say because the words seems to come out from their nose instead of the mouth.

You were late today nurse. May I know the reason why?”

I wonder what he will say if I told him I’m late because I’m now living with a nymphomaniac drug lord who is paying me millions to fuck him so good every day and wants me to quit my job so I can fuck him 24/7. I smiled at the thought then noticed Dr. Philips was looking at me funny

And what is amusing you nurse?”

Oh I’m sorry sir. I’m kind of embarrassed to talk about the reason for my lateness then I remembered that I’m a nurse and I’m not supposed to be shy about it

He cocked his eyebrow as he tapped the pencil between his fingers on his table waiting for me to continue.

You see sir, I have primary dysmenorrhea” Then I bent my head downwards to show that I was really embarrassed talking about it.

Dysmenorrhea is a medical term for painful menstruation. Menstrual pain can range from mild to unbearable and for the unbearable that’s where the name dysmenorrhea originated from. There is the primary stage and the secondary stage. If a woman has had menstrual pain ever since her periods started, the condition is classified as primary dysmenorrhea. If a physical condition such as pelvic inflammatory disease or endometriosis has developed and is causing the pain, this is called secondary dysmenorrhea. I didn’t say I have that secondary stage because that will involve me getting treated for it and since the day I’ve been working here I’ve never been admitted for being ill or missed a day at work, so he will know I’m lying. The secondary stage is so painful that some girls are given drips to subside the pain. So back to me and the doctor. Now he was looking at me pitifully. That was the reaction I wanted.

I understand dear. What drugs do you take for it?

I quickly cracked my brain for the answer as I listed them on my fingers

Feldene and paracetamol

Ok...” He brought out a piece of paper scribbling something on it. …”I wrote down some list of drugs that will be helpful to you

I stretched my hand collecting it from him. My fingers touched his and I wondered if he felt the electric current I had felt as our fingers touched. His face betrayed nothing.

Thank you sir. I’m so grateful

I was about getting up when a knock sounded on the door.

Come on in” Dr Philips said

Yemisi came in with a female patient whose make up was really loud.

Sir this lady is here to see you concerning the wound she sustained on her vagina due to vigorous sex


Please take a sit” he told the patient before turning back to Yemisi “you can go, Nurse Nancy here will help me in examining the patient

He pointed to a dressing room by the corner as he gave her a hospital gown, also called a Johnny to put on after taking her clothes off. When she came out he told her to lay down on the gurney before he strapped on his glove with a torch light around his head. I also did so. The patient had her legs up so he could take a good look at her vagina. I closed in to take a look. I was shocked at what I saw. The vagina was wide open. A gaping hole. Usually the vagina is supposed to be closed when not in use, with the lips of the vagina assisting but hers was wide open.

What did you say happened here young lady

The young lady was obviously impressed by the way the doctor talks and tried mimicking him but did a very bad job at it

You see I was invited over by this handsome fella. He was gonna pay me handsomely if I spend the weekend with him. So me I agree. I didn’t know the man was hung up like a horse. He fucked me everywhere. On the sofa. For ground. On the bed, the bathtub, the kitchen and even on the carpet grass outside where his gate man, I mean his security guard could see us. When I couldn’t stand the pain no more I resisted and he got angry and forced me. Since then my pussy no gree close

Wow!!! Another sweet amebo to talk about with the other nurses.

You mean he rapped you

She got up “No no be like that. I mean it’s not like that. He just applied pressure because I said no

The doctor folded his arms. “Seems to me like rape. You should report this to the police

No no no oh. I can’t”

I felt pity for the girl who was close to tears.

“And why can’t you?” Dr Philip persisted

Cause, because…” she looked from me to the doctor before she bent her head down staring at her laps”…I’m a runs girl. The police won’t take me serious

He turned to me “What’s a runs girl?”

It’s the Nigerian word for a call girl” I replied

Oh, I see. Still that shouldn’t stop you from reporting this. Rape is rape despite who it’s done to. Now my only advice to you is to stay away from sex for 6 months so the vagina can close back

6 months!!!” the girl almost shouted

How I wan take see money to pay my bills, to take care of myself, to move around? Especially now wey inside my savings I don use inside come big hospital. Doctor abeg just give me one of those drugs wey dey tighten pussy” She had reverted back to the English she knows how to communicate with best having forgotten she wanted to impress the white doctor with the poor excuse of the African-American English she had been using a moment ago.

Sorry to burst your bubbles dear. Those things don’t tighten the vagina. They just make there dry making it seem like it’s tight. All you need to is some kegel exercise to strengthen those muscle and abstain from sex. No drug or cream can strengthen those muscle

She had a defeated look on her face as she went back to the changing room to put on her cloths. I know she won’t be able to stay away from sex for even a month. She will definitely get those cream or tablets they say tightens the pussy so she can continue her trade. I returned back to the reception hall to help Yemisi and Ngozi in attending to the patients. 12 o clock and we all moved to the cafeteria to eat. I didn’t even wait for them to sit down before telling them the Don will meet with them tonight.

You mean we are going to be paid 500k today? Cause I don’t care about any other part but that” Yemisi asked

“Yes dear” I answered sharing in their excitement

I won’t believe it till I see the money in my hands” this was Ngozi

I drew a chair for her to sit on

Trust me the Don always delivers

Yemisi sat down on the chair I held for her “you mean some guys actually pay such kind of amount to sleep with a girl

I smiled. If they only knew how much I had gotten so far “my dear, I didn’t know that till I met the Don. No guy has even given me 50k before

‘Me too‘ was chorused by both of them.

“Ehen, no wonder lots of girls are going into the selling sex business

That is ehn” Ngozi answered Yemisi

These two were really getting along. They better oh, cause they are about to screw each other then the Don while I sit back and watch. Watching people having sex excites me a lot. I wonder if it excites others.

I wanted to see their reaction on what will happen between them tonight so I said

“I hope you girls remember you will make love to each other?

There was a long silence. My heart was beating fast. I hope they were not about to change their mind. What will I go back to tell the Don? He will think I lied so I could collect the money from him.

Hope you girls are not getting cold feet? That’s the reason why the Don is paying half a million each. You think most sex workers get paid that amount of money by just having sex? They pay then that amount of money for a three-some, for anal sex or something crazier. Now that’s how the real money is made

Yemisi spoke first “I’m not getting cold feet. Told you I’ve been with some girls back in the days. I’m just imagining me with Ngozi, the fact that we work together and all. It will be awkward to make love to her but I know when we start awkwardness will jump out the window. And also you Nancy another of my co-worker will be there watching us while we do this thing. It’ll be awkwardly crazy”

Things were not going as planned. I wasn’t going to allow them ruin this chance for me

You’ll also watch me getting banged by the Don but I’m not complaining because the pay will be good. Just think about what you can do with 500k. You can rent a two bedroom flat or buy a small car. Shit!!! You can even start up a small business. Just don’t let that small word ‘awkward’ stop you l, besides if the Don likes you girls, you’ll become his permanent mistress with money rolling in everyday

Ngozi had been silent since. I was more concerned about her. She seemed a really good girl and I was wondering if she’ll throw the good girl out the window for a while just to do this. Everyone has a price but is 500k her price? She finally spoke out

“Since we are going to be seeing each other naked and doing things that’s meant to be done in private I have a confession to make. For me being with a woman is not a problem. I don’t really dig guys. I dig girls better so it’s okay with me. Yemisi get ready” and she reached out and pinched her boobs “I can’t wait to suck them

Damn!!! And there I was thinking she will be the difficult one.

Yemisi laughed before saying “aha!!! I knew it. You are a lesbo

Ngozi shrugged “I would have preferred to do Nancy. I like my girls fair but this your big boobs and ass is enticing so I’ll manage

This time I joined Yemisi as she laughed. Thank God I’m not a lesbian so I’m not going to be joining them. I don’t enjoy being touched by a girl. I know everyone has a price but for me to do a girl the price has to be really high.

Abi na me go manage this your small yansh. See this one“. Yemisi said before the bell sounded indicating the end of the lunch break.

We continued with our duties while the clock moved ever so slowly. Finally it was time to close. We moved in a single file out the door where the driver was waiting to take us to the Don’s house. When we got there they were obviously awed by the beautiful of the house especially when they got in seeing the decor of the place. The Don wasn’t on the sofa where he usually was when expecting visitors. He was in the room. I told them to sit and make themselves at home after putting on the TV and cable for them, before going in to call the Don. He was in the room. He had just come out from the shower. I told him the girls are here. He had a towel round his waist.

“Ahhh, that’s nice. It’s time for action and I can’t wait

He drew me to his chest and grabbed my ass.

Baby are you sure about this?”

I liked his neck enjoying the way he smelt of soap.

Very sure. Anything for you baby

Go usher them in, serve them wine then let’s turn them on by making love in front of them

That was smart. They were sure to get turned on while they watched us screw each other. I went back to the sitting room to bring them in where it was all to take place. The Don was still on the bed with the towel around his waist. He couldn’t wait to get started. I made the introductions, brought out the wine to get them high including myself so we’ll have the nerve to proceed then showed them where the bathroom was so they could have a quick shower. While they were bathing I used the shower in the other room. I quickly gulped down a glass of wine and hurried so I would come out before them. In less than two minutes I was through. I breathed in and out before coming out naked to join the Don in the bed. I was so nervous. I’ve never done such before so I wasn’t surprised when my hands shook a little. When they came out of the shower I was on the bed naked giving the Don a shoulder massage. He still had his towel on but they could see his bulge pressing out from it. They sat down on the sofa while I continued with the massage. I smiled at them for reassuring as I stopped massaging and started caressing the Don. He moaned loudly with his eyes fixed on Yemisi and Ngozi. I got down from the bed, pulled the towel of the Don, got down on my knees and started sucking on his cock.

Written by Tanya. Twitter – @immune70

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