Buhari my man, goodluck!

Full Transcript of President Buhari 2015 Independence Day Speech

I remember the first time I read Chinua Achebe’s ‘A man of the people‘, when Odili said he had ‘hunger for news’ I never imagined i’s relate to that but sadly for me I find myself in that situation now.

I am the sort of person that trusts everybody, at least till the person starts trying to say he is too righteous, then at that moment the Nigerian in me kicks in. Baaaam!

So although I was younger then, but when Jonathan was doing the ‘I have no shoes’ movie, I was just provoking but what could little medo? I didn’t even know Elsie then to give her and some of you my opinion.

But now that General Muhammadu Buhari is scripting the ‘I have no house’ movie, I am just saying my own before the movie comes out. I didn’t hate Jonathan neither do I hate Buhari, infact I don’t know anything about them than the average Nigerian. (Okay, I know theirfavorite sex positions). But I think what Nigerians need is a ruler who will just say ‘I will steal, but it will be very little’. Because I don’t know how a man whose wife donated drugs worth 135 million to IDPS will say he has no house and you will all just sit down there andbe grinning like a Cheshire cat (and please its naira not dollars o, at least that’s what the news said).

But you guys have already voted him, I would have suggested us voting Jesus Christ but I guess it’s late now. But some Nigerians can say nonsense o, when I asked a man (my friend’s father) that I have great respect for, why he thinks Buhari will be any different apart from thefact that he is an APC member and that his name is Buhari, he turned to me and said, please follow closely:

He is 72years old!

The Bible said a man can live up till 70, after that he either dies or becomes honest, yeah I added the final part.

Buhari my man, goodluck.No pun intended.

By Obinna Jones

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