Woman Jailed for killing foetus

According to NBC news, 33-year-old, Purvi Patel, from South Bend, in Indiana has been sentenced to 20years in Jail for ‘Feticide’. Feticide is not a term you hear often but from all indication, it has to be the ‘killing of a Foetus’ – an act that cause the death of a fetus – a neglect an independence.The ruling has been condemned by women’s group.Ms. Patel said she gave birth to a still born baby and in panic because she had concealed her pregnancy from her conservative Hindu parent – disposed of it in a plastic bag. The prosecution countered that the foetus lived for some seconds before dying.She initially denied a pregnancy but later said she had a miscarriage and had disposed of the foetus by placing it in a plastic bag and then in a rubbish bin.Patel is the first woman in the U.S. to be charged, convicted and sentenced on a feticide charge. Reproductive rights activists are outraged. Women’s rights activists have condemned her conviction and the subsequent sentence. They say the law is being used to prosecute women who miscarry, have stillbirths or try to terminate their own pregnancies.

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