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By Sir Jaydee

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Sunday’s were my off days, I use it to relax and listen to music while I do my painting, I’ve always loved to draw since I was a kid , I drew everything and anything I set my eyes upon or that I imagined. Drawing kept me vey sane as it was a means of expressing all the things I couldn’t talk about , so it’s safe to say it was my solution to discovering constant inner peace.

“Are you going to church with me?’’ Aunty Onos asked me from the kitchen

‘’No ma ‘’ I said

‘’Efe go to church oh, you need Jesus in your life’’

‘’Aunty I already have him’’ I replied

‘”Oh well, you still need to go to church my boy”

‘’okay ma’’ I said to end the conversation and to also avoid more talk between us. Honestly I wasn’t in the mood for the whole go to church epistle today, I just wanted to relax, draw and enjoy the day all by myself

*knocking* Efe !

‘’ma!’’ I opened the door slowly

‘’I saw that your friend, the fine one that comes here to see you regularly’’. She pulled in her brows as if concentrating on remembering something then said ‘’ehn eh Nnnena! , she didn’t look very well from what I saw’’.

‘’Is she okay?’’ I asked

‘’No she isn’t Efe, or at least she doesn’t look it, you should check up on her’’

Maybe its stress, I said

Maybe oh, even the way she greeted me, anyways go to church

‘’okay ma I will, thank you for telling me’’

‘’you’re welcome, now make sure you go to church oh’’ she said walking towards the front door

‘’come and lock the gate Efe

‘’okay ma’’

Hmmm, what’s wrong with Nnenna I thought to myself,  I was in fact feeling guilty because I ignored all her attempts to contact me last time, and I didn’t even care to get back to her . What a true friend I am I thought to myself, abi could it be stress she is dealing with? Abeg let me call her.

*I picked up my phone and dialed her number *

It rang once,

She didn’t pick,

 I dialed it again and still she didn’t pick.

Then it occurred to me that she might also be serving me back my own bitter pill of ‘ignoring’. Hmmm okay it’s time for option B I said to myself so I sent her a text I felt would appeal to her conscience.

 It read *hi Nnenna, how are you? Pls pick up, really need to hear from you.*

Hoping the text had appealed to her I dialed her number again

‘’pick up’’

‘’Pick up Nnenna ‘’ I mumbled to myself

‘’hey Efe, hi!’’

‘’hi Nnenna, how are you?’’

‘’fine Efe’’

Her flat responses hit me, she wasn’t responding right.

‘’I’m sorry I didn’t call you back a few days ago, I was at work and then the stress made me forget’’

‘’okay Efe , is that all?’’ she asked coldly

‘’hmmm I just wanted to apologize Nnenna’’.

‘’okay’’ and then she hung up the phone.

 Kai I don cast!

why is she so upset with me na?, I thought to myself as I unconsciously put my hands to the back of my head ,’’

Despite the call I still couldn’t even find out why she called me with so much urgency that day. I couldn’t even continue to draw or listen to music, so I contemplated for about 30 minutes on whether to call back, text again or just abandon the whole thing all together.

‘’A text would be safer right now’’ I said out loud to myself, as if to justify my not wanting to hear her voice again

*I know you are mad pissed at me right now because I wasn’t there when you needed me, and I’m really sorry  Nnenna. xo

‘’thanks for your concern but I don’t need your help anymore, I’ll find another way to stay safe. Take care Efe.’’

I stared at her reply, and then realized I didn’t have enough credit to text back and I really couldn’t leave her mad at me. I opened my BBM

‘’I’m sorry Nnenna, I’m really sorry. Find another way to stay safe from what? ‘Safe from what? ‘’are you there?’’

’yh , I am, like I said earlier never mind’’ I’ve got it all figured out,’ and besides why do you suddenly care?’’

‘’I care Nnenna because I’m a good friend and it’s what normal human beings do and from where I’m standing you seem to be in some sort of pain’’

Friend?, no thanks Efe , I’m not interested in being your friend, I’m sure the only reason you tried to contact me is because your aunt saw me, did she tell you I looked tormented?  Or sick? Ehn?

‘Why exactly are mad at me Nnenna? I’m sorry, look there’s a lot on my mind ,okay, I honestly forgot to call you back and I can’t even get my priorities straight and there’s no one to talk to. Even today as I was trying to gain sanity with my drawings then you happened. You know what hurts the most Nnenna? Uhn? Do you want to know what hurts the most?’’

 Look Efe, I don’t want to know and quite frankly I don’t give a shit! The day I called and texted, I needed you to save me, help me! My now ex boyfriend beat me up! Do you want to know why he beat me up? ‘he beat me up because I broke up with him, he said his friends in the estate told him about us ‘someone told  him I’d been hanging out a lot with aunty Onos’s nephew. So don’t you dare tell me about bloody pain Efe! You hear me?’’

‘’Where are you right now Nnenna?’’

‘’Pls leave me alone, bye Efe

I know you are hurt and all. I got you in this whole mess, so please just tell me where you are Nnenna? You called me for a reason that day, please let me answer you let me be there for you now, please I beg you’’.


*Nnenna reads the message*

*goes offline*

I then type and leave her a message.

‘’I know you are upset and think I don’t care, but I do; I cared so much that I ran away. I couldn’t bear the guilt of what it did to us. So to tell me I don’t care hurts a lot. I’m really sorry, I really didn’t know what to do with all the feelings I had for you and I’m sorry you went through pain. I’m sorry, please call me when you less upset with me’’.

I ended the chat, sunk into my bed and I couldn’t even get a peaceful evening!

I got up and tried to draw, I tried to paint the things I saw in my head, I couldn’t even conjure up any image. I kept staring at my phone and waiting for her to reply. I sunk back into my bed with my phone in my hands.

My phone beeps

Thanks Efe, I don’t feel like talking right now but I appreciate your care okay? Right now I need my space to clear my head and to deal with how I’m feeling. I’ll keep in touch from time to time, is that okay with you?

Fine, but can I at least just see you? For sanity sake, even if it’s just 5 mins?

hmmm but I’m not in the mood to come out now, I’ll come see you by 6:30, fine?

You don’t need to go to my place Nnenna, I’ll come to yours and we could talk in the car.

’I’ll come over joor, besides I need the stroll and by the way cook something! Because I’m coming hungry.

Too late, I’ve already left the house, I’ll soon be at your gate just come meet me in the car.

Don’t oh! My aunt mustn’t sight your car around or else I’ll be in trouble please just listen to me and let me come over Efe

I hurriedly put on a shirt and drove to her place and parked by a corner. Then I replied her

I’m already outside waiting for you

Wow! So you still came? Is that how much you are trying to not be alone with me? So just because you are avoiding touching me, you would rather put me in trouble?

‘’lol, At least I will be around this time to save you from any harm, no need to call.

Not funny, anyways I’m coming but you’ll have to drive away from this area

    I drove off and parked somewhere, she came out wearing a joggers and crop top while her hair was covered with a scarf. As she walked towards me, I then realized how much I had missed her. She truly looked lovely even with no makeup. Her body was truly divine, she was a real African woman with beautiful brown skin, deep brown eyes, oval shaped face, D cup breasts, and ridiculously huge bum with her beautiful ‘k-bow’ legs. Lol I have no idea how that combination exists but it sure looks amazing on her.

Are you still hungry? I asked her looking straight into her eyes

‘’of course I am joor’’ as she leaned over and pecked me on the cheek I smiled sheepishly ‘’I haven’t cooked anything yet though, so we have to go and buy the stuffs first’’ I said laughing

‘Okay, but you are cooking abi? She asked coyly

Yeah sure, I can’t even let you cook for me sef! I’m a wonderful chef by the way’’

She laughed, we’ll see about that blacky!

We got into the car as I drove towards the supermarket. I really was a great cook, I learnt how to cook by watching people do it so yes I loved to watch food network and that day I planned to bring my A game on. I made Egusi soup with cat fish and semo, served it to her with a bottle of apple juice [her fav] as she sat to watch TV.

‘’Hope you are comfortable?’’

‘’Yes I am Efe, thanks for doing all this for me. It’s been a while anyone pampered me or took care of me

*She starts to cry*

I walk towards her, its okay Nnenna, please don’t cry. You need not be scared or sad anymore, just eat okay, the food will get cold’’

‘’Okay, thank you, could you please hug me, like just hold me? ‘’

 Sure darling

I hugged her, pressing her close to me. I felt her warmth, as her soft breasts press on my chest and good gracious she smelled so good. I really wanted to lay her down right now and do a lot of barbaric things to her body

‘’feel better?’’ I asked

‘’Don’t let go ‘’ she said in a very seductive tone

‘’I’ve missed you Efe’’ she whispered into my ears

Oh mehn, it was hard to be gentleman at this point

‘’Efe I’ve missed how hard and warm your body feels on mine’’

 She whispers into my ears and kissed my neck, see ehn I really wanted to grab her ass and lay a good kissing on her but instead I said ’’I know babe, I’ve missed you too’’

‘’I’m here for you, but things haven’t been really smooth for me, cab business and all’’

As I placed her on the chair.

‘’I really want you to eat and just watch TV and just happy, okay?’’

‘’I want to eat, but just not food anymore’’ she said as she stared intensely at me

I laughed hysterically; oh my! She is a very naughty girl. I knew what she wanted. It was my cue to make moves on her but I remembered I needed to be brave so that I could set my priorities right, and besides I didn’t want to lose her again.

I stared back at her ‘’ so what am I suppose to do about ‘him’?’’

‘’he is done and gone with the past’’ she said

‘’look I’m not asking you for commitment or anything Efe, we can take things slow’’

‘’just respond to this’’ she sways towards me and kisses me hard, shit! I lost my cool as I kissed her even harder as I grabbed her big ass with both hands, I spanked her a few times as I trailed one hand at the back of her neck. She moans into mouth and presses closer into me, at this point I knew if I didn’t stop now I would lose all control totally.

So I break the kiss as we were both breathing heavily, I hugged her and said into her ears

‘’I’m scared Nnenna’’ I walked back and sat on the sofa

‘’sshhh’’ she walked towards me and kissed me again but lighter this time, just enough to make me dizzy

‘’okay lets go and eat blacky’’ she smiled at me‘’that food looked really good’’

     It did feel really good to have her here, as I stared at her while she ate and watched TV. At this point I didn’t want to only have sex with her; I wanted to give her love, care and attention. In that moment she became a priority to me.

And so I got up and asked her

‘’ would you like to see my drawings’’

She looked back at me as if she understood the significance of the question and said with warmth in her eyes

‘’yes I would love to, thank you Efe’’.

I suddenly loved how she pronounced my name, I smiled to myself. She got up, stared at me with so much innocence I didn’t even know when I held out my hand towards her. She held it like her life depended on it.

I took her to my room and started to show her my collection of paintings and drawings. She flipped through the pages till she came to stare at one for a while and said

‘’ she is beautiful’’

‘’thanks, that’s my Grandmother. I drew that when I was 17 years old ‘’

‘’Wow it amazing ‘’ she said still admiring it

‘’you look like her’’ she said and stared at it some more then looked up at me and said

‘’you have one of the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen Efe’’

I blushed and responded by kissing her.

My phone rang, it was Aunty Onos

‘’hello ma’’

‘’okay ma I’m coming to open it now’’

‘’your aunt is back?’’

‘’yes babe’’

We both got stared at each other and laughed

‘’oya come let me escort to you to open the gate ‘’ she said

‘’then I’ll go and drop you at home’’


       I opened the gate and my aunt drove in, they both exchanged pleasantries. Shortly after we drove out too, I dropped her off and drove back home while thinking about my priorities. I really have to get my game on cab driver or not, I needed to chase my dreams, be brave at least. I made up my mind to go and accept the job from the Abayomi’s and start from there, no more excuses.

                                                                                                                                               *Tunes Radio*

                                                                                                          Hvrrikane – Moving On ft Big Breeze & L’Huit

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  1. A man who is not afraid to admit fear of things that other jump into fearlessly, a man who is truly fearless agrees that he is afraid.

  2. I like the part where he said ‘i love the way she called my name’…brought back memories for me…

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