Life As A Cab Man In The Metropolis – 13

Life as a cab man in the metropolis - elsieisy blog

By Sir Jaydee

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Throughout the night, I couldn’t get myself to sleep. I had to figure out my priorities. I need to stop feeling like a liability and get on with my life

I am not getting any younger and for how long is Aunty Onos going to accommodate me although she wouldn’t do such but who knows if she is planning to kick me out. I mumbled to myself. Even if she won’t, that doesn’t give me the right to be a liability to her.

*Knock On door*

Efe please come and lock the gate, I am going out to see that my friend at Ikeja, Mrs. Adeola.

Okay Ma

There is food in the freezer, eat before you go out oh

Okay ma I will

Her Phone Rang*

I am outside already I am coming outside my dear, ehen let me be going.

Someone is coming to pick you?? And I wanted to drop you, I said

Don’t worry my dear, bye bye and take care of yourself.

I slammed the gate and lazily walked towards my room to continue my prioritization chart list, hmmn maybe I should take that driver job with Mrs. Abayomi or start submitting CV’s to companies as I sink into my bed and close my eyes.

My phone starts ringing as I lazily opened my eyes and I realized I had slept off while pondering but who could be calling by this time?

Oh  Mrs. Abayomi, I hurriedly picked my phone up

Hello ma good morning ma,

How are you Efe?

I am fine ma, I said

Please ehn, today you will help me take oga to the airport.

Okay ma

He is travelling today by 11:00am, so I think you should start coming because of traffic.

I looked at my time and it was 5:45aam okay ma I am on my way.

I didn’t bother to bath, I just brushed put my pants on and ironed a new shirt, and you can’t trust the traffic level in the metropolis as I hurriedly headed towards Mrs. Abayami’s house.

I dialed Mrs. Abayomi’s number from my phone as I got the house.

Hello Ma, I am outside

Okay my dear, *Dele Dele* she called out as I cut the call.

My eyes still heavy and my mind was still filled up with ways of rearranging my priorities.

Knock on my window

Uncle Efe

Hey my boy what’s good?

I am fine he replied

Go and Put your daddy’s briefcase in the boot, Mrs. Abayomi said to her youngest son.

Good Morning Ma, I said

Efe how are you?

Fine ma, I replied.

You really came early, sorry for any inconvenience, she said

Ahh no ma. It’s not a problem ma, it’s nothing as I arranged the luggage properly in the trunk of the car.

Oya come lets go and carry your daddy from the room, the little boy yelled yaay, she carried him up and swung him around reminded me of how my mum used to carry me.

I smiled real hard as my eyes caught that moment. Mrs. abayomi really loved her kids and was a wonderful mother. Flashes of when she was complaining about Mr. Abayomi to her friend flashed my head. But what’s my own sef? I need to focus on my own priorities


FOCUS! I mumbled to myself

How are you Efe?

I am fine sir, I had not realized that Mr. Abayomi had stepped out and with the size of his luggage, it seems like he was going very far and staying for a while

Okay dear I am off he said, as they exchanged pleasantries. I zoomed off and headed for the airport.

I was still scampering my thoughts for where to start my life from, I needed a way out. Maybe I should ask Mr. Abayomi for a  job, I mean he is in the business circle. He is a big man. Big man will know plenty people. But me I want office job at the moment.

Hmmn, will he be willing to give me office job? Or he might just offer me that driver job. What is wrong with driving for them anyways? I was in constant battle with myself then Mr. Abayomi’s phone rang

Hello Dear, I am already on my way I will soon be there, hope you have your luggage ready?

Oh okay see you soon. He said

Ehen Efe, you will stop at Radisson I want to pick someone up.

Okay sir I said

As I got to the hotel, A Lady, quite young was standing outside. Ahn Ahn Mr. Abayomi no dey dull oh. I Laughed in my head* as she approached the car and entered the backseat.

Good Morning she said with a kiss on his cheek. I remember this one, the girl with the accent, it’s the same girl from Eko hotel. This girl must be doing things right. For her to be even following him on this trip. As I drove out the hotel and headed towards the airport.

But why will Mr. Abayomi cheat on his wife is a question I was finding hard to comprehend. Wait a minute, what’s my own sef? If Mr. Abayomi wants to have a fling he can have one. My own is to drive cab instead of me thinking about my priorities I am busy caring about how a man runs his home. The guilt of Nnenna escapade had hit me

But I am considering taking the job and I really need to be cautious you know,

Focus EFE


Hope you didn’t forget anything dear he asked


And you have called your mother? Don’t tell her we are coming oh I want to surprise her

Okay Daddy She Said

Wait why is he going on a trip to see the girl’s mother? The relationship is so comfortable that the Girl’s mother knows? Na second wife be that now. Kai so this go be Mr. Abayomi’s second wife, the American wife and Mrs. Abayomi is his Nigerian baby

Bad Guy 007ing. Nice one

See small traffic already oh Efe, thank God we left early

Yes sir, I Said

Eyyys Comot for road oga, as I turned and entered the final phase of the journey. All through this phase I was still trying to understand what was happening around me and considering when to ask Mr. Abayomi or maybe when he comes back or maybe not. I mean see what is happening I don’t want to get caught up in all this

We finally got to the airport and I helped Mr, Abayomi with his luggage and exchanged our Goodbyes as he walked into the airport and I drove out of the airport and parked. It was too much and my head was full.

I can’t work for the Abayomi’s and give them my CV’s either, they have too much going on and it’s real messy. Oh God I pondered, but I needed to

My phone yelled at me * I startled* and picked up

Hello Hello

Efe are you okay? She asked in a concerned way

Hey Hey Nnenna

Urmm Hi Hi Yeah Yeah I am fine I replied

Are you sure she asked?

Yh yh I am

Then why have you been avoiding me? She asked

Nothing I said, I haven’t

Okay then, I want to see you she said

Why? I asked

You see, you say you not avoiding me now I ask to see you now you asking me why? Bye Efe

Hello? She cut the phone

Wheww!! I sunk into my chair and stared at my phone for five minutes, started my engine headed straight home. Didn’t make any stop or carried anyone, Parked outside the house. Headed straight for my room and sunk into my bed and slept off.

 Room Speakers Playing

Dark Times * The Weeknd ft Ed Sheeran

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