A Dangerous Love Affair – 15

A dangerous love affair

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“How on earth did you find this company?” Emeka asked Walter as they trudged through the bleak South African fields to their latest acquisition.

“I opened my eyes and searched, they filed for bankruptcy but still have a lot of assets that we could use to expand operations down here. Now, be a good president and suck it up.” Walter said cheerfully.

“You could have at least warned me about the terrain, look at what I’m wearing and look at yourself, that was just inconsiderate.” Emeka said, taking in Walters all terrain boots and sturdy jeans and comparing it to the three piece suit and matching shoes he was wearing.

“You are right, I should have warned you but then again, you must always dress the part that you are playing. I am just a director with no real power but you are the president, the shaker and doer.” Walter said with a humorous twinkle in his eye.

“President my ass, how much longer until we get to the mine?”

“Just a few more minutes and we will be able to see it on top of that rise over there” Walter announced while motioning to the top of the slowly sloping hill they had been climbing.

They crest the hill and looked down at the mine teeming with life below.

“Why didn’t we drive?”Emeka asked as he spied the road leading directly to the entrance of the mine

“I like nature.” Walter shrugged


When they finally made it back to civilization, Emeka had a newfound interest in creature comforts such as hot running water. After taking care of his immediate bodily needs, he decided to visit his cousin Jeremiah.

He wasted no time getting there and knocked on the door with a vigor born out excitement to see an old friend. The man who opened the door was not what Emeka had expected. He was roughly the same age as Jeremiah but his cousin had aged much faster than he had.

His fair skin was deeply wrinkled around the eyes and mouth while his thick dreadlocks were shot through with grey. Jeremiah’s once thick frame had lost much of the vitality that characterized him in his youth but one thing remained, his eyes still held their piercing power.

“Emeka, you old dog, come in come in.” Jeremiah said as he grabbed Emeka in a vicelike hug. His old strength was still present.

“Jeremiah, put me down man, I’m too old and tired for this.”

“Nonsense man, you  were not to old and tired when we were chasing women in Lagos, by the way, you look good.”

“Thank you, it’s by the grace of God.”

The wife and kids are out so we have time to catch up before they get back.

“You know, I am yet to meet your gorgeous wife Jerry, I hope they come back on time.”

“The woman is notorious about being late and whenever I complain she cites some obscure reference to Nigerian husband Nigerian time. Anyways, how have you been these last few years?” He said while ushering Emeka into his small study and pouring two glasses of cognac.

“Jerry, my life has been a roller coaster and if I started at the beginning I would have to camp out here for months.” He said with a sigh.

“That good huh?”

“Good?” The thing is, you cannot have the good without the bad. There are no ups without the downs. Simply put, there must be a balance in life. GOD is a cruel task master at times.

“When did you become a philosopher?”

“When life forced me to be one. Jerry, there is no easy way to say what I want to tell you so I am just going to spit it out. I was having an affair with my best friend’s girlfriend for the better part of a year and I even fucked her a few days before the wedding.”

“Oh boy, this is priceless.” Jeremiah said dropping his glass. “Have you broken it off with the woman? Why did you allow your best friend to marry her? Does anyone else know? What about Hadija; are you guys having problems?”

Slow down Jerry, I’m the one looking for answers here.

“Ha, you come into my house and drop a bomb like that and expect me not to ask a few questions? You are sadly mistaken my friend.”

I guess you’re right.” Emeka said ruefully. “What do you want to know?”

“That’s more like it. Start at the beginning, we have an extra bedroom so you can camp out for a month as long as you pay rent, I am sure my wife will like you.” Jerry said with a smile.

Emeka told Jerry everything from the beginning up until that point and found the weight lifting from his shoulders as he found a confidant in his old friend and cousin. Jerry, true to his nature, listened intently and asked questions throughout the exchange that showed he was following the story precisely.


Emeka sat in the plane on his way home from South Africa in high spirits; his cousin, a wise man, told him that whatever he works at and endeavors to make a reality will be just that, all he needs to do is exercise his considerable will power.

As he spoke to Jerry, he understood that he was the one that had brought all his current problems onto himself and it was time for him to behave like the man he claimed to be.

He owed it to himself, he owed it to his wife, and most of all; he owed it to his children.

He decided to exercise his will. After landing late at night he returned to a house that is dark and quiet. His wife is asleep and so are the children. He warms the hot plate Hadija left for him and is knocked out as soon as his head touches the pillow.

At the office the next day, his first order of business is to call his chiefs together, Cassie has returned from her honey moon so she, Michael, and Chika are all present for the meeting.

“How has everyone been these last few days while I was away? Any fires to speak of or any world events that I need to know about? Has Vincent Jr. sent any of our subsidiaries bankrupt?” He said with a chuckle.

Everything is good on our end sir, just the normal doom and gloom that everyone seems to like to pedal these days.” Michael replied just as Cassie stood up and ran into Emeka’s private restroom.

“What’s wrong with her?” Emeka asked no one in particular.

It was Chika that answered with a knowing smile, “that should be morning sickness. Our dear Cassie is Pregnant.”

“Hmm, I was under the impression that she would at least wait a little while, no matter its good news.” Emeka replied as Cassie emerged from the restroom.

“My dear Cassie, you could have at least waited until after a few months, now your husband won’t be able to enjoy you.” Emeka teased.

Cassie was in no mood for his light banter and shot him a scathing look without replying to let him know how she felt.

The day flew by after that and Emeka was soon in the comfort of his own home looking at a wife that had grown more beautiful since she had started working again.

“You look good baby.” He told his wife as he nuzzled her ear.

“I feel good too.” She replied as she gave his ass a pinch.

“Come, you this woman, you’re feeling kinky this evening aren’t you?”

“Maybe a little, are you going to deal with me?” She asked innocently.

“We will just have to wait and see.” Emeka replied solemnly.

The temperature slowly rose between them throughout the evening, they had not interacted like this for a long time and when the children were finally sleeping Emeka practically pounced on Hadija.

As he undressed her and took in her glowing skin, he wondered how he could have ever strayed from his home, from this beautiful woman.

Please lord. let me stay strong and give my family the love they deserve he whispered to himself.

As he bent his wife over the bed and slid inside her dripping orifice he knew that he was home and he would not let himself stray ever again.

They didn’t  make love that night, they Fucked!

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  1. Please complete it already. The first time I came across dis piece, I read episode 1 to 13… and I continued visiting to make sure I don’t miss any episode wen it drops. Hope cassie isn’t pregnant fo Emeka

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