Life as a cab man in the metropolis

Life as a cab man in the metropolis - elsieisy blog

Hi there, we start another series today, tapping into the lifestyle of an average cab man. A cab man happens to be part of our day to day activities. Whether you fall in the category of people who would swear they cant ever take a cab because they see it as unnecessary luxury (believe me when i say they exist) or the ones who use it as their normal means of transportation, one thing is sure, you will find or have found yourself in a cab at least once in your life, fare paid by you or not. So join us on this ride. You can send in your experience with a cab man in your own city too. Either writing from your own point of view and assuming the thoughts of a cab man (fiction). Enoy:

Life as a cab man in the metropolis isn’t easy, you come across many stories that actually shapes your life. All my years driving in the metropolis I enjoyed everything it offered. Because in my few years, I came across all sorts of human beings and every one customer whether rich or poor all were searching for one thing. Happiness…

All this actually made me wonder what is life anyways? From the Rich Married Man that I always carried far away from his home waving his kids goodbye, only to get picked up at the gate by another woman calling him Darling and exchanging kisses. As I Drive Back I Pick a Girl that is Late for work and how her Pay isn’t good enough and tells me to move faster, I Met every kind, even the ones that hardly talk, you just knew that there were on their way somewhere and at that point you are the most important person in their life.

I realised somehow that I was involved in so many people’s lives and it made me begin to re-evaluate my own. That even the richest and the prettiest are all on a journey to find happiness and we all need each other one way or the other.

Should I have told that man that what he is doing to his wife is unnecessary, that no woman deserves such from no one? And he should give those kids a proper home they don’t deserve it? Or Probably understand the fact that women sometimes push men away and get what they deserve or should I tell the girl that she should rather focus on creativity instead of raining curses on her boss because when profit rises her pay might increase or maybe listen to her side and see that her boss might actually be a jerk and tell her to find another job to remind her also that speed kills… it’s better to arrive safely late, than try to arrive early late.

So Many Stories I have come across and played scenarios in my head, but I never ever get to know because I am just a cabman and I am just at your service.

*Radio Plays* Cab Man – Paybac

Written by Sir-Jaydee

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