The godfather – 4

The godfather by Gere Ochuko

Click here for previous episodesMiaMia watched Mavwe critically through the window in front of her. Several thoughts raced through her mind, lots of what ifs. What if Mavwe doesn’t love Garen? What if they don’t last? What if-“Still thinking so early in the morning?” Smith said hugging Mia from behind then pecked her thus interrupting her thoughts.“I am worried about our son”“You smell so good….” Smith said dreamily“Seriously Smith?” Mia told Smith leaving his grasp.“What’s the worst that could happen? What’s your worst case scenario?”“Mavwe becomes like Emilia, Garen tells Mavwe his the godfather”“That’s awesome if Mavwe falls for him, Mavwe could do what we couldn’t” Smith said grinning“What exactly? Garen might get hurt and I don’t want him to be in pains, Are you crazy?”“Mavwe could stop his madness on revenge and its ok for him to be hurt. He will get to know what makes his heart beats faster”“It’s not amusing or funny neither will Garen be a lab rat that Mavwe will work on” Mia said leaving but stopped by Smith.“Hey! Hey! Listen, I know you are worried about Garen and so am I. It’s not down to worst case scenario were Garen tells Mavwe the truth so till then everything else is pretty great. It would be nice if Mavwe loves Garen and hopefully he won’t get hurt even though it’s almost impossible that Mavwe leaves Timon for Garen.”“I don’t want Mavwe to choose between family and anyone, she did once and it won’t be fair to do that again. She’s not gotten over her fears of the godfather”“She’s with family now Mia, she’s part of our family now” Smith said looking outside at Mavwe.**************MavweMavwe sat alone in the garden, staring at the sky. As a child growing up, she would sit outside with Nana graze at the sky and tell her how she wanted her life to be. After Nana died, she sat alone outside grazing at the sky without saying a word.Garen watched Mavwe from a distance, wondering what’s going through her mind. Garen flashback to the first time he met Mavwe, the first time she came into his subconsciousness, the first time he knew she existed.Garen went to Mr. Edewor, Mavwe’s father company to drop some documents on behalf of the godfather, when he saw her walk in. He stood transfixed staring at her, the agent accompanying Garen walked back to him when he noticed he wasn’t following his trail.“Don” he called but no response, he looked at the direction of his eyes.“Don, she’s not in the market”“Meaning” Garen asked not shifting his graze.“That’s Mr. Edewor’s daughter Delphine. She’s supposed to be married but her grandmother passed away of recent, she’s leaving pretty soon.”“I won’t stop her if she’s leaving and if she comes back, it will be a sign and I will fight for her. To have her” Garen said confidently“You won’t tell Mr. Edewor that you have seen his daughter?”That’s the godfather job to find out”“Are you falling for Ms. Delphine?”No…… Am already in love with her and am going to wait for her.”“Love at first sight?”Love at first sight” Garen repeated.‘Present……..’She eventually came back and she being adamant and keen on meeting the godfather made it easier for him to be near her. He’s close to her, both of them are under one roof but far away cause so far nothing is between them. Well…. at least to Mavwe nothing exist but to him, she being here means the world to him.The question left is who will he introduce to her, ‘the godfather’; whom she’s terrified of and who broke her family or ‘Garen’ Mia and Smith’s son?———————-“Garen no breakfast?” Mia asked Garen who was rushing out.“No, I will grab something to eat later” he said leaving.He was about driving out when Maureen an employee stopped him.“Don, are you free tonight-”“Of course, see you at nine” Garen chipped in quickly. Maureen gave Mavwe a knowing look before leaving.“What’s that about?” Mavwe asked as he drove on.“What can I say? Am a ladies man” he said grinningThey rode on in silence, Mavwe stared out the window all through the drive. Garen stole occasional glances at Mavwe.“Thinking about what next?”Uh….”“Don’t worry, it’s not going to hurt” Garen said smiling————————-Mavwe followed Garen closely, up till now Mavwe haven’t gotten over her fear of the godfather. She have been waiting for the godfather and the wait is really exhausting, there’s nothing like waiting. The wait kills faster than anything after the wait that could kill. It’s never easy to wait for the unknown, knowing that he’s everywhere and anywhere watching your every move……“Hey!”Mavwe was startled, she hadn’t hear Garen talking. She was deep in thoughts.“Sorry, I yelled but I need you here present” Garen told Mavwe looking critically at her, she merely nodded.Garen left Mavwe in the care of the employees at training camp to tend to other matters. Everyone here called him Don but at home he’s Garen. Is he really a ‘Don’? If he is, am I kidnapped? Is that the reason why the godfather haven’t contacted me? Mia told me earlier that am part of her family now, and they will always be there me.Where do I stand in all these? Is this some sort of rivalry that am caught in? Without waiting any further she left her office in search for Garen, the Don rather.She heard his giggling from the office at the end of the long hall way, she opened the door and saw Garen admiring three ladies in swim suit, battling their eyelashes at him and swaying their hips in a provocative manner.She stood in the door way dumb founded, short of words. They didn’t notice the presence of Mavwe, she stood there long enough to know that her suspicions about him are next to the truth.She walked into the office and collected Garen’s car keys and left, He tried talking to her but she won’t hear any of it.____________________Mavwe went to the garden the moment she got home, she stayed there all through the day. Mia was worried about her, she had tried talking to Mavwe but she told her off.‘Could Garen have done something to upset her? Or did the godfather send her a package? Her fears is visibly all over the place, what’s going on? Was something she didn’t have an answer to.’She waited for Garen and her husband to return and told them about Mavwe, Garen went to the garden immediately.“I have been waiting for some sort of explanation why you took my car and left me stranded”Mavwe had been expecting him and the question he asked. She got up slowly, took slowly stead steps towards him and stopped mid-way.“Sorry I left you stranded”“Have you been crying?”Who are you?” Mavwe asked ignoring his question.“Answering a question with a question-” Mavwe cut him off“Are you a Don?… Sorry, that’s a stupid question to ask and obviously you are and the ways those girls were throwing themselves at you, they were practically over you and…and you didn’t even notice my presence”Garen stared at her for a while before laughing out loud.“Oh….. Are you jealous? Don’t be” he said trying to suppress his laughter. Mavwe looked at him in disbelief“Is that what you think it’s about? You think am being funny?” Mavwe got close to him before completing her statement. “Did you kidnap me? I was brought here to meet the godfather because he’s only interested in his clients’ daughters, like you said earlier you are a ladies man you being a Don couldn’t be different. I thought you were better you aren’t, you are just like the godfather interested only in making ladies your toys……I was taken away from my family…Do you have even the slightest idea how it feels? Putting all on the line? Knowing that a stupid step could end your very existence? Do you know how it feels walking into your death? To wait? You don’t cause I don’t think you had a family. Its ok Don but I got one request for you, help me meet the godfather. If it means me putting on a swim suit and…….” Mavwe couldn’t hold back the water torrent anymore, she paused before finishing her statement “throwing myself at you like those ladies were, am ready to. I am tired of living like this, the wait is killing me already the godfather should finish what he started. I am good as dead either ways” with that Mavwe left.Hearing all that, certainly wasn’t funny. He hadn’t thought about it that way.“Mavwe, I am the godfather” Written by Gere Ochuko

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