Adam and Her: A Tale of Consent

30-30- William Ifeanyi Moore- elsieisy blog

He said the last time was going to be his last time, but here he was, again. He wasn’t sure what it was about these strange women he could never resist. Perhaps it had little to do with them and a lot to do with him. In this century of rampant insecurity and discontentment, it wasn’t hard to imagine how sex could be used to make up for all the missing parts of one’s life.

This was no time for internal philosophical debates. He fiddled with his keys, hands shaking from too much alcohol and too little food. She grabbed him by the arm and leaned in pressing her full breasts against his body. He felt his heart hasten as his penis pulsed with a sudden rush of blood. He found the key and unlocked the door.

‘Is anyone else in this house?’ she inquired.

‘No, just me living the bachelor life.’

Before she could say another word he grabbed her by her blouse and kissed her so hard she thought she might bleed from the bite that followed. She wasn’t exactly sure where she was or who she was with but in the twisted irony of arousal, this sense of danger and unfamiliarity made her want him even more. In fact, she wasn’t even sure if it was him she wanted, or just any man to fuck the shit out of her drunk brain.

She grabbed his shirt pulling him even closer before running her palm over the bulge in his trousers.

‘I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me hard like I am your dirty little slut.’ She whispered the words so close he felt her lips and the warmth of her breath on his ear. Adam couldn’t tell what it was about dirty talking that brought the animal out of him, but after what she had said, he all but wanted to kill her with his penis. Without warning, he pushed her to the wall and started kissing her neck, planting soft bites at intervals to arouse her while his fingers found their way up her short dress to caress her already wet vagina.

She was ready for him, but he wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction she wanted so easily. At least, that’s what he thought. He wanted to get her horny enough to feel her juices dripping down her thighs first.

‘Please, just take me now. I want to feel you inside me.’ She began to pull down her panties.

He was taken aback by her forwardness. It was probably a side effect of the vodka earlier. It made him really wonder how consensual this encounter really was. Was he taking advantage of a drunken stranger or was it the other way round? The dominant position of men in society coupled with the penetrating anatomy of the penis had somehow made the burden of consent a man’s problem. He could say her agreement to come back to his house was enough consent, but that was starting to sound a bit like the ‘she dressed like this so she wanted it’ excuse. Men were now expected to be completely responsible at all times. Oh, only if the world was so simple.

There was every chance that this woman he barely knew by name could wake up tomorrow with no memory of what was transpiring between them. Would that make him a rapist or just a not-very-memorable fuck? And he too had been drinking. He wasn’t exactly his most responsible self at the moment either. Hell, he was about to fuck her without a rubber. If he could override his own need for self-preservation at a time like this, one could only imagine how much regard he had left for her safety.

The moment her panties reached her ankles she turned around and bent over on the wall.

‘Please fuck me.’

At the point, he had lost too much blood from his brain powering his penis. Without the slightest hesitation, he unbuckled his belt, pulled down his trousers, and slid right into her vagina. She was so wet, so tight, and so warm. He allowed her a few seconds to take in the feeling of his erect penis inside her, then he started to pound her mercilessly. She alternated between the usual ‘oh my God, fuck me, harder, shit, don’t stop’ and other such words of encouragement and instructions.

He waited till she announced that she was going to orgasm before he spanked her ass and pulled her hair, fucking her even harder than he was before. With a moan that probably woke the neighbours, she clenched her fists as her pelvic muscles contracted and a feeling of ecstasy washed over her body. As if on cue the feeling of her juices and contractions coupled with the sensual noises she emitted drove him over the edge.

He pulled out fast enough to avoid ejaculating inside her, but not fast enough to avoid getting his sperm over her ass and the living room floor.

‘Ahhh, I needed that.’ She said. ‘Do you have a cigarette?’

by William Ifeanyi Moore

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