The House – 35 (R-18+)

The house

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SESAN..I had no plan whatsoever but for some reason sha I was happy and smiling as we got to a hotel and Seyi paid for a room. I helped her with her bag, got into the room and fell face flat on the bed. Now what was going to be the plan again o? I could hear her moving about the room but I did not lift my face off the bed. I heard water running in the bathroom oh well she wants to have her bathe, good for her. Then it hit me, the reason for my bright mood! Funny how your mind has already worked out logic for you. I WAS GOING TO FUCK SEYI! I sat up immediately the thought hit home. Oh yes I was going to fuck her! In a chilling hotel room like a prostitute. Ha, gods of my fathers I thank you oo.


What if she does not let me hit? abi what am I going to do? Sesan stop thinking like Bode, how she no go let you fuck? Only you and her for room wey she even use money collect and besides she go dey depressed needing cuddling and attention. I stood up and adjusted myself, I need backup so this dick does not fail me tonight. I was about opening the door and stepping out when Seyi came out of the bathroom with nothing but just a towel on, Oluwa mi see physique..abi make I chill sharply do one round ni?

“Where are you going?” She asked in a low tone,wait..abi she sef wan seduce me before ni? But after that other night’s fuckup I don’t think so.

“I want to make sure that everything is ok in the house, say no police matter or anything”

“See you sounding like one elected official of the house”..She laughed as the towel fell off.

God of my forefathers, see as nipple stand but funny my own dick no stand. Do not fuck me up today again, I can’t miss two penalties against the same goalkeeper. My brain told me to ignore and go to where I was heading to jejeli but my dick was silent offering no advice. I followed the silent one and moved towards her. Hugging her and making sure my hands were cupping that ass, so round and soft. I turned her around and pushed her on the bed, everything for this life na experience matter pass so I was going to use mine.

We started kissing as my hands stayed between her ass and the bed trying their best to squeeze hard. Her mouth was all cold and inviting like she had just had some sort of mint sweet or something. It did not matter, all i knew sha was that her mouth tasted like water of eden (how was that meant to taste?). I managed to get my lips off hers and started kissing downwards, kissing and nibbling on her neck while having a hand move over in between her legs, she was wet as a fountain and yet dick was not hard as fuck, wahala wa o.

I moved my lips down to one of her nipples sucking on it like a baby getting his first bottle. I got a moan from her in reply at least my mouth was working fine, na my dick no wan get sense AGAIN! I worked my tongue round the nipple at the same time sticking a finger deep into her jerking slowly at first then gradually increasing the pace.

I switched nipples as she grabbed my head, truth be told I still had it in me. I lifted my head up to stare at my work, her nipples were all pink and shiny. I smiled at her but she didn’t smile back, her eyes were half closed enjoying the sensation of my finger inside her. I pulled out of her and she opened her eyes in protest, I did not reply her stare just went down kissing her navel. Slowly let my tongue play on her belly button piercing before going on my downwards journey. I grabbed both her thighs and flung them over my shoulders. I smiled to myself as I knew what I was about to do, She tightened her thighs around my head in anticipation.

I paused as I stared at her pussy, it looked and gave a nice inviting scent but I was not to be tempted. I let my tongue forward having my tongue lick her pussy lips good then planted a deep wet kiss on it. And then I stood up!

BODE….Loco had let me go after receiving assurances that I was going to sort him later on when I visited a dispensing ATM. It had been over an hour now since everyone got back and things were getting back to normal. The guys were all gathered here in Sesan’s room about to gamble when PHCN yanked off the light so we were all back out on the corridor gisting and making noise as usual.

“Make una no think am o, I no go mind fuck that Ibironke girl o”…Micheal was saying.

“You know say I still like you as you be my padi, no go try am o make she no go wake up stab you for midnight“..Wahidi said as everyone bursted out laughing. I could just imagine her chasing Michael around a room with a bottle or knife…not so funny.

“I no mind shebi I go sha don do like three rounds na”…Micheal grumbled.

“Weyreh, you sha risky only you carry head go dey fuck Stella landlord pikin”..Blackky pipped in.

“No be me dey fuck am o, na she dey fuck me”…Michael’s defence

“Na you sabi, if you like make she dey use your head play table tennis too”…

“Come una never reason one matter, where Stella sef dey..that na number one and where Sesan gan?…Bello the thinker brought up questions.

“I no go dey surprise if Stella don reach Abuja by now”…Michael said with a frown on his face.

“So your wife no even get mind for trouble yet she go dey form arm-strong”…everyone bursted out laughing again.

“I don’t know where Sesan is but I knew he came home because he passed me at the gate”..I gave my own insight.

“Me sef see am ontop okada as he zoomed pass us when everybody dey come back from hospital, where he con waka go now na only God know o”..Wahidi said.

“Wo omo na him sabi, how far make we enter Konigba go take small jedi na”..Blackky ever the drinker said. I sure wouldn’t mind going with them, I sure needed a drink too at least just to get high.

“Omuti oshi, anyhow make we stroll go now…maybe Nepa fit don get sense bring back light when we come back house”…Micheal supported just as Ben came out of his room looking like someone who had been sleeping for hours. I knew better! Latifah could still be in his room sef or maybe had left when Loco and I went out. It didn’t matter, I sha knew what they did. Bastards.

“How far, where una dey go?”..He asked.

“Benji so you even dey house when world war three don land person for hospital”

“I hear the gist but wetin concern me for the matter”

I wanted to attack him and ask who had gisted him but then again as the saying went…wetin be my own.

“We wan enter konigba, you go go?…Michael asked as everyone including me stood up..

“Sure na,I go meet una for outside make I pick something for room”…My instincts told me the something was Latifah still hanging around in his room, I felt really jealous but hey I had to get my emotions under control. He could have her for all I cared. Some crazy prostitute was lying in the hospital with my baby in her, that was worrying enough.

“Bode abeg give me room key, I wan sleep for una side.. My mind no dey drinking”…Boka who had been mostly quiet spoke up, I looked up and wanted to say something

But just thought otherwise. I threw the key to him as everyone started heading out. Whatever rocked his boat jare.

SESAN….I managed to make it out of the room in one piece after all the curses and insults Seyi could hurl at me for leaving her hanging! That was plan A for her to be craving me badly that she would jump at me once I got back to the hotel. I had taken the long walk back home with a huge smile on my face, today was going to head really good afterall the initial gra gra.

I stepped into the compound and it was all quiet as if someone had died but I made way to my room I could hear chatters coming across from aso rock, those stupid girls were at it again. Na them sabi…I was surprised to see Boka sitting upright on my bed like he was actually waiting for me as I opened the door. This is not good, not good at all.

“Boka how far, wey everybody?”..Let me play the novice card.

“Them don go konigba”

“ohh why you no con follow them?”

“Na you I dey wait, I know say you go come back house for something”…

I raised an eyebrow at him, what did he know this time? This boy sha, someone should just poison him, it was way past due time.

“Why, wetin happen?”…

“Ohh I see you o! You and Seyi as una carry okada comot. So now come tell me the deal else I go yarn everybody say you and Seyi dey do collabo”…

 I knew it! This boy was crazy, ahan..couldn’t something just pass this fool boy in this house? I started thinking of what lie to tell him but could come up with none. For once let me even tell him the truth and have him on my side, you can never tell..Boka might actually have sense…So I stood at the door like a pupil before his headmaster and told Boka all that had happened so far and how I planned to fuck Seyi’s brains out once I got back to the hotel. He didn’t say a word as I spoke. And when I finished he took his time before he spoke.

“hmm Make me and you go back the hotel go do two on one fuck na”..He whispered seriously.

 “Boka shey you don mad abi you madness just wan start ni?…

“Sesan why you dey behave like this? Shey na only you wan fire in the hole ni?

“Bobo you don craze true true, me load gun you wan come shoot am. You no well.”

“But wait Sesan if na only you and the girl dey hotel room, you suppose don dey fuck am by now. wetin you come back house for?…He probed further.

“I come change clothes ni and I wan reach konigba drink correct jedi to recharge but now wey everybody don go konigba, i no go fit enter that side.”..

“Ehen, make I help you but you go owe me one favour o bigtime”..

How could he help and what favor could he probably need from me? Knowing Boka, it was probably money he wanted to ask for and as I dey like this, I didn’t have shingbain! Besides the idiot just got back from wherever he travelled to so he shouldn’t be broke so early.

“Bobo I no get money so no even think am”…I quickly cleared the air.

“Calm down na, no be money.. I go yarn you the favor later, i go go konigba go help you buy the jedi bring am come the Hotel, no worry”….

“Shey no be say you dey hope say when you bring am come the hotel I go let you enter set ontop the girl?”…I raised an eyebrow at him.

“No no no be fuck dey hungry me jare”…

I calmed down and gave him the hotel name and room number and he left…I quickly looked around and got to my business. Thirty minutes later I was on my way back to the hotel having had a good bathe and changed clothes. I took my time but eventually got back to the hotel praying Boka had not even arrived there before me. I walked as a boss to the room and knocked. No reply…I knocked again and again still no reply. Boka Bastard!!!

“Boka if you no come open this door now and I catch you, your father go re die for heaven o”…I shouted at the top of my voice having lost my cool.

The door swung open and Seyi stood there holding a towel to her breasts. Her hair looked all ruffled up, na God go punish Boka o..The idiot had the mind to come behind my back!

I kep my calm and walked past Seyi into the room and there lying on the bed was a stark naked Girl kushing. She did not even bother looking up at me as one of her hands was buried in her pussy as she smoked.

“When you left me all wet, did you think I was going to wait for you? I had to call my friend”..Seyi said from behind me…and for some strange I was not angry, I was fucking turned on…I could feel my dick rising and rising.

 “So can you handle both of us this time or your dick isn’t up to the occasion”…Seyi asked in a mocking tone.

 I turned to look at her with a devilish grin…..

Written By Bass ( Twitter – @bass_ige)

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