Life as a cab man in the metropolis – 6

Life as a cab man in the metropolis - elsieisy blog

Click here for all episodesKnock on door*“Efe are you inside?” “Yes Ma…I’m coming,”It was 5 :30 in the morning, Drowsily opened the door,“Good morning ma“Ehen I’m travelling to India today” “Oh is it today? I forgot oh, Lemme dress up and take you to the airport now?” “Uncle Sam is taking me and I have to see Ronke before I go, anyways take this and manage it for now because I don’t know how long I will be gone.”“Okay Ma.”“Then take this one, Pay the carpenter when he finishes”“Okay ma”She walks away, and drop the money on the drawer and the next thing I heard was a phone call,My Phone was ringing, Looked at my watch it was 8 :30Caller ID read *Mr Abayomi*“Hello Sir”“Efe How are you?”“I’m fine sir”“I’m using you full today oh, my car is giving me issues and the driver is off duty for a while so start coming because we will soon be leaving.”“Okay sir”As I lazily got up and had a quick shower, I had to go for a smart corporate look today and look smart. Made sure all the doors were locked, entered the car and drove offThe Abayomi’s stayed at VGC and he was a top dawg in one of the banks, He also had other businesses. He was his own boss most times.Phone Rings*“Sir I have left the house” “Okay I’m at the filling station” “Okay Sir”After Picking Mr Abayomi from the filling station, he was fully dressed really looks like its gonna be a long day for me.“How are you Efe?” “I’m fine sir”“Okay first take me to the office” “”Okay Sir”“You are not picking the kids today, I told madam to make arrangements”“Oh Okay”His Phone rings*Hello*“Have you arrived?” “Okay” “After My Meeting I will come” “I don’t know how long”“Call me Back I want to Pick a call..” “Hello” “Yes…From Phone call to call, Got to his Office finally, He got downEfe I will be back in a couple of minutes. He was back not to long after he left, Oya take me to Bourdillon I have a meeting there.“Okay sir”Phone Rings Again..Reduce the volume* I want to pick this callI was beginning to get irritatedYesOkay OkayJust Order for 3 people ByeI increased my volume of my radio and headed for Bourdillion, we got there he came down.“Ehen Efe Thank You”“I am coming ehn”“No problem,” I went to park the car and relaxed the chair and I turned on my stereo and let the music soothe my all wandering mind and also kept up to date with some news. I had wandered away in my thoughts on life on how I am gonna survive on this job, I didn’t even know the next step to take all I knew was I was driving cabs and hoping for the best life can give.I envied Men like Mr. Abayomi, he must be a happy man I mean all that money a fine wife, 3 kids lovely home. As I kept wandering in my thoughts.Efe Yes Yes I said, Have you eaten?? No Sir NoTake this, as he passed a Chicken Republic bagThank You SirNo Problem, Eat we will soon leave from here we are going to Eko Hotel Okay sirAs I engaged my nylon,*Fried rice and chicken* Correct guy, Why won’t he be happy now, I thought to myself as I ate the food in joyI was still enjoying the sweet food in my head when Mr. abayomi came backLet’s start going to Eko HotelOkay Sir. As we drove off to Eko HotelHello I’m On My WayYesI’m even in front come outside, A red CarOkayAs a young teenage girl walked toward the car, He Came down and gave her a hug and counted 6000 naira from his wallet and gave meThank You ehnYou will come later to pick me but I will call you Okay sir as he held her hand and walked away, and I drove off.Mehn what just happened??!!?Mr Abayomi??!? Really?!?Too Much money, even has a small chic, But why tho?!?Mrs Abayomi is a nice woman?!? Or Is She??I can’t even understand this…But what do I know?? I’m Just a cab….my Phone RingsMr Abayomi *Calling*Hello SirI forgot My IPad in your car, just help me bring it backOkay sirI turned back and headed back for Eko Hotel, I Saw the young girl standing outside so I figured she was asked to pick up the Ipad, so I parked and she approached the carTake I said, Thank You She saidPlease can you wait a lil bit let me be sure if my dad didn’t forget any other thing else She said in her *American accent*Okay bye thanks.And I drove off *Tunes Radio* Thinking Out Loud – ed Sheeran Written by Sir Jaydee

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