5 easy ways to deal with anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

I sure know I am feeling a bit of anxiety if not more than a bit because of the upcoming event – ‘hangout with Elsieisy

I saw these 5 easy ways to deal with anxiety on thatyellowsisi.com and I am convinced it works because these 5 have been the remedy to my anxiety for these past days. Do read below:

Anxiety can lead to stress, this is how it works, and anxiety stems from apprehension over possible outcomes that may never occur, it could lead to increased heart rate, poor concentration, sleeping problems, emotional and physical imbalance, all these translates to stress.

AnxietyBelow are 5 easy ways to deal with mild anxiety. 

  1. Personal PepTalk

Encourage yourself by having a peptalk with and by yourself, you could do this in front of a mirror and watch yourself relax visibly. Be positive and accept that the outcome of whatever it is whether good or bad will make you a better person.

  1. Eat right:

Food helps to bring down our anxiety, eating the right food at the right time would help your overall system function better, a study showed that reduced digestive problems also showed reduced anxiety and stress.

  1. Sleep properly:

Yes you are swamped and just need to put in extra two hours to meet up, and therefore you need to cut into your sleep time, well you do this every day… Stop! Your body needs at least eight hours of complete, uninterrupted rest, in order to reboot and relax properly. Shut down your work station, and sleep on time.

  1. Take a stroll:

When the anxiety sets in, collect yourself and take a stroll, walk a couple of streets and focus on the environment around, you will be surprised at what you will notice.

  1. Clean out your brain:

Not literally with soap and brushes, take a moment and debug your brain of all that worries you, look at them objectively and discard those with little or no importance, focus on the main issues and come up with a plan. 

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