#ShortStory – Lie To Me

#ShortStory - Lie To Me - elsieisy blog

Maye sat cross legged on the floor, beside her bed solving another pair of Rubik’s cubes while she waited for her opponents to make a move on the online checkers,shogi, and chess game she was playing simultaneously.

She knew he was back but she didn’t stop playing. Only he could have  posed a challenge… but he had left.

There was a knock at her door. She knew it was him.

“May? It’s me Uncle Edosa…may I come in? ” he said

She didn’t respond. He came in anyway.

She looked at  him standing at her door with a big smile. He was the only one who had ever  treated her like an adult. She wanted to jump into his arms and never let go. She wanted him to kiss her forehead like he always did,to tell him how much she had missed him but she held back. She wouldn’t make it so easy for him…he had left.

He sat down opposite her,imitating her cross legged posture.

She noticed he was wearing a cap. His eyes looked sunken. He was much thinner than before and he had puncture marks on his fore arm. She suddenly knew why he left.

“You left” she said

“I did. I had to and I’m sorry. I missed you so much” he said.

“You also lied”

“I did. Please forgive me”


“Cause you can trust me”

“Will you lie to me again? “

“Just one more time”

“When? “

“after your next question “

“Are you dying?”

“No” he said smiling. “What I am is…in need of a hug from my little snuggle bunny. Please May May?” He said opening his arms.

She was in his arms before he finished, a mess of tears ,arms and hair. She couldn’t hold back anymore.

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