The House – 30

The house

Previous episodesSESAN…Na God say make I quickly look up sha, what in the name of Osanubua and Sango were those girls doing at the well so early? chei, see where my fuck up don land me oo. Would I now start hiding from these girls ni abi bawo ni parole yii? I wiped my forehead, see as boy like me dey sweat on top girl matter. Sesan, compose na compose… what’s the worst thing that can happen if you jam them sef ehn. See me behaving like Bode would, I closed my eyes and breathed slow. And there was no way to call Wahidi from the room without attracting attention. Wo, na once man pikin dey die. BODE…I was actually enjoying my morning with these girls oo, chei. Finally, some reasonable girls in the house. Abosede wasn’t bad but myeyes and brain were firmly set on the Seyi girl. I knew I had to move sharp and quick before the yeye squad shifted attention to thesepoor girls. “So where do you work?”..I asked Seyi “One really demanding PR firm like that“…She replied with a weary sigh. You could see she wished she had some cozy ‘dont work too much get paid job’. Don’t we all? and not to make it too obvious that Seyi was my choice, I also asked Abosede the same question. “me, I just finished up with service oo. Now in the labour market as you people would say“…and we all bursted out laughing. I looked up in time to see Sesan walking towards us, damn I had forgotten to quickly get him his water abi the bobo don shit for body?Then I noticed the laughter and the smiles on the girls’ faces disappeared as he got closer. Abi Sesan don commit for their side too so soon? “Ha Seyi, goodmorning. Abosede baby, morning“.. All he got in reply was a pretty cold morning mumbled via frowning faces. And since I had already filled up their buckets for them, they bent over to carry their load and leave. “Bode it was nice meeting you, maybe we would get to hook up sometime soon“.. Abosede said as they took their leave. Not the one I wanted to talk sha but then again half bread was better than none. Sesan turned his head a whole 180 degrees to stare at their backsides as they walked off withtheir buckets. He was still staring till Seyi turned around and said “Please Sesan help us tell Wahidi that we would love to see him again this evening“… and off they went See Wahidi again ke? What did that mean? I turned to ask Sesan and his face was as white as a ghost. SESAN…..Jesus! Take my soul now asin right now, make we dey go heaven together. I should tell Wahidi that they would love to see him again this evening. See washing oo! I rained a whole new set of curses on Latifah again in my head.”haba Sesan, you guys have started running those girls ni?”..Bode’s voice drove my babalawo side back inside. This one go wan do love love o. “no jare, na Wahidi wan dey runs them. We just helped them move some loads yesterday” “Ehen which of them is Wahid running?” “Wo Bode leave me, I don’t know! When you see Wahidi, be asking him. Water wey I say make you help me get since morning you no get“! And with feigned anger I grabbed the rubber fetcher from his hand and proceeded to get my water myself. Every other thing he was saying wasn’t even going into my ears. My whole being was somewhere else, what could possibly have caused my fuckup last night oo? And then it hit me that I had woken this morning without an erection either. HAAA! I don dey die small small. I had to get to konigba and test some jedi, maybe that would help. I got my water and left Bode mumbling at the well. I hurried back to the room and left my bucket of water by the door and jumped in. “Wahi….” I stopped in my sight as I saw the yeye boys passing around a bottle of jedi. Thank you lord “Guy, wetin do you?“…Blackky gave me a puzzled look and he took a sip from the plastic bottle which was now in his possession. I ignored the question “Wahidi, Seyi talk say dem go like see you again for evening o. Blackky abeg pass the jedi na, waist dey pain me bad bad“…”Seyi, who be Seyi again? Eyin boys yii, una way no pure“…Michael started. I didn’t answer his question either as I grabbed the bottle from Blackky. “You serious? Where you for jam them now now?”…You should have seen the excitement on Wahidi’s face. Like a kid getting his first goody goody. “Na for well jare” “Make una talk na, who be Seyi?’…Michael grumbled “Omo na one fine girl wey dey live main building o“…Wahidi was quite happy to answer, I felt like strangling him. “Fine girl? Fine girl dey this house so?…Blackky raised an eyebrow. I wasnt ready to join in the converstaion. The bottle was mine all mine! “Sit down there, dem be two sef…menn that second one thick die!”…Bode came in during this explanation. He just took a position by the door ready to listen to the entire gist. Was pretty sure the stupid boy was already daydreaming that one of the girls might finally turn out to be his girlfriend. Dodoyo “Ehen, when dem pack come?”..Blackky was scratching his beards, bobo had started calculating. “Wait o, which side for main building the girl dey stay“..Michael pipped in.. “oga calm down na, you don wan go camp them for room ni?” Wahidi went on the defensive.”shuu bobo you sef chop patience na. Stella dey gist me yesterday say e get one girl for main building wey dey fuck her old man. And say she wan beat the girl“… “You serious?”…Backky’s eyes widened with disbelief. Couldn’t be Seyi though considering she was a lesbian but I was definitely not going to tell these guys  that. “E no fit be this Seyi girl, no b olosho…this one responsible, dey work for one company like that. And her second just pack come yesterday sef“…Wahidi explained. “Well sha Stella don talk say she go treat the girl fuckup before she travel today“…Micheal shrugged “Stella don dey travel again ni? When she just come ,na wa“..I finally joined in the conversation after almost emptying the bottle “The girl don turn runs girl finish, omolomo“..Blackky bursted out laughing “You wan blame am? She sef know say na beauty she get, no brain…so make she use wetin she get make up for wetin she no get“..Wahidi “Ode ni e, Wahidi…you no get one single iota of sense rara“..Michael obviously came to his lover’s defense “Mr. lover man…Shaba!‘ Blackky started singing as we all started laughing ‘But come o seriously Wahidi, if you dey go see those girls for evening we dey go together ni o” Blackky started booking appointment.”No o, it is me and you they invited o“…Bode more or less shouted. Everyone turned to look at him. “Sesan, tell them na.” He continued, ohh which kain of stupid boy is this? He just added fuel to the fire I was hoping to quench. “Sesan, na true?”…Blakky faced me “But wait o, if them invite Wahidi wey no get sense and Bode, why them no invite you the messenger?“…Michael fired I was between answering and stealing a glance at Wahidi when we heard loud bangs coming from outside, we all raced out just in time to see Stella pulling Seyi by the hair out to the courtyard and Abosede running after them with just a towel wrapped around her. At the other side the girls from Aso rok were also trooping out to see what was up. In a flash Stella dealt Seyi a blow that sent her crashing to the floor. “Oshe!! the house is back!”..Blackky whistled.. This was my chance at redemption I could sense.. Thank you lord for giving me this second chance so quickly…… Written by Bass

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  1. Very interesting write up,I love all the write ups on dis blog,hmmmmm…. I wish to be like u guys wen I grow up ooooooo (lmao)

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