Crux of the Matter with Elsie: Sexual Disposition of Sickle Cell Warriors

Crux of the matter with Elsie on Happenings Radio

Whether we like it or not, sex is important in a relationship. If you are not sexually attracted to the person you are in a relationship with then there is a problem. So we decided to dig into the sexual life of sickle Cell warriors.

I had Greg Emuze and Adedayo over on Crux of the Matter last Friday on Happenings Radio and I must thank them for being very open. The show was very enlightening.

“Sex is not risky. It is fun.” Says Adedayo while Greg says “Sex is a form of exercise and you must be hydrated.”

They were open enough to let us know when they had their first sexual experience, how their sex life is and what they do to prepare themselves and avoid having a crisis during sex or immediately after sex.

Do listen below and share. A sickle warrior or not, you will learn a thing or two about these strong set of humans.

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Cruxof the matter with Elsie on Happenings Radio

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