6 Healthy Food That Could Turn Out Unhealthy

Just like fashion and other popular industries, food industry has its own trends it needs to follow and create in order to sell more items. That’s why you can compare popular “healthy” food trends throughout the history. People basically did everything to stay healthy and in shape. However, as those trends have changed, we learned that some of those foods aren’t actually that healthy. Some of them were even so dangerous that in some cases they could lead to health problems. Especially when the processes are not checked.

Below are 6 healthy foods that aren’t actually that healthy.

banana chips

  1. Banana chips were promoted as a perfect substitute for sweets. Why eat 300 grams of chocolate, when you can enjoy a healthy banana snack. Banana is healthy after all, right? The thing is, banana chips are made by deep frying bananas. Just one serving of banana chips contains about 10 grams of saturated fat, which has an awful impact on our cholesterol levels. Take a fresh banana instead, and you will be very satisfied!


  1. Yoghurt: When people want to lose weight, they often search for products which contain less fat, which is normal. That’s why they choose low fat yogurt and believe they did something good for their bodies. This is absolutely not true. When you significantly reduce fat in a product, that product becomes pretty tasteless. In order to compensate, yogurt manufacturers add sugars and make a low fat yogurt- filled with sugar!


  1. Sports drinks are not healthy, folks. But really, anything with these color dyes couldn’t be healthy, not on this planet. People usually say they are healthy because they are better than soda. Well, that doesn’t make them good, considering sodas are pure evil made of nothing but sugar and chemicals. Besides sugar, sports drinks contain many dyes and preservatives because of which they have been banned in Europe and Japan.


  1. When you make a smoothie at home, you are doing the right thing. There is hardly anything better for your body than natural juices of fruits and vegetables, all mixed together. At home, you are the chief of your smoothie- you add what you want to do. However, most of us don’t have time for making smoothies, or we just forget about them. That is, until we see store selling smoothies. Be careful though, those smoothies might have more sugar than you think.


  1. Remember popcorn diets? They were very popular and no wonder, really- everybody loves popcorn! However, microwave popcorn is not the best solution for anyone. Microwave popcorn contains a substance called diacetyl, which is added to almost all artificial butters. It is tasty but unfortunately, also very dangerous. Diacetyl is safe when you eat it, but it is dangerous when you inhale it. So when you heat a bag of popcorn, diacetyl is easily inhaled

dried fruits

  1. Dried fruits are great- when you dry them at home. If you do that, dried fruits still contain all vitamins, fiber and minerals. However, when you buy them in store, you are buying a bunch of sugar. In order to make dried fruit taste better, manufacturers add sucrose or table sugar. Also, they add sulfur to prevent browning of the fruits. These additives and sugars can be dangerous to our health, and they definitely don’t help us lose weight.

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