A Day At The Pool

This was supposed to be up yesterday, i am so so sorry. I think i will be needing a PA soon. whew* Accept my apology biko.Fay talks about how you cope in that public swimming pool on #5MOYT

*yuck! Now i remember why i don’t know how to swim, very wise decision it is. Maybe when I get to have a private pool in my house, the bae to be can teach me…and that is, if he knows how to swim. This means the probability of me not knowing how to swim for life is very high or maybe not very high…who knows?And dear guys, that thing you wear, what do you call it again? Pant abi what? Please STOP!Listen jare…Fay says its ‘statue of liberty’…it wasn’t me. Use the comment box5MOYT

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  1. No!!!!! LolI try not to think about the yucky parts of swimming. I actually can’t enter a pool that has plenty people. My own definition of plenty is shingeli sef because I can swim and it’s annoying when I have to touch someone else in the pool.I lovedddd the advice to dj exclusive; the guy just annoys me naturally. In my opinion, he tries too hard.

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