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Whether you believe it or not, there are plenty good girls out there waiting to be wifed. Yes! Remember one man’s food is another man’s poison. That lady you said you can never have anything to do with will become someone’s sweetheart. Click here to read an article I wrote on Finding Mrs. Right. So calm down. Anyways, here are few pointers when looking for your Mrs. Right. I will advise you read through (not scan through) and get my point.

Drama – I choose to start with drama because so many blogs/articles already fed you guys with the idea of your Mrs. Right being drama free. Women? Drama free? I stand to be corrected but no woman is drama free. Their drama level can vary, but free? No! See, women dwell on issues a lot, they can over analyze and drag things. They pick up issues from the angle a man won’t even look at it from. Even when a man has moved on to the next EPL game, they are still analyzing the matter. Most times these angles are not even logical but it hurts them in a certain way, therefore it has to be talked about and she needs an assurance. Talking of assurance, every lady wants to be reassured of her position in a man’s life even after 20years of marriage. LOL, don’t hate, it just goes along with being a lady. So in a nutshell, I would say, if you can contain her level of drama then she is the one – Mrs. Right

She is a supporter – You need a woman who would support you. In life, things won’t always be rosy. There are days you just want to hear her say just few words and you act like a car that has run out of fuel. Her words will serve as the fuel you need to keep your engine running. There are times you would make wrong decisions, when such decisions back-fires, you need someone who would pull you into her embrace and tell you ‘this too shall pass’. You need someone who would standby you even when it seems the world is against you and then give you the I told you so speech when you are all calm and coupled together (of course, scolding is a woman’s calling..LOL). When you find such woman, wife her! – Mrs. Right

Hardworking woman – Being hardworking is relative. As a man, you have an idea of what you term to be hard work. If at this 21st century you still consider a hard working woman as one who would manually do community laundry please exit this blog now. Thank you. If a lady can manage a career, no matter how big or small it is, take care of her home and her husband to the fullest then I should think she is hardworking enough. The idea of having a maid doesn’t mean a woman isn’t hardworking. This life is not that hard. Like my physics lecturer would say, “Life is easy”.

Makes you happy – This thing called love has a very mumuish effect on most of us but we love love, right? Ranging from smiling sheepishly at the mention of her name or just having all the anger within you fly out just at her smile or her hand on your head..LOL. That being said, if she makes you happy you should wife her. You alone can define what happiness is to you. If she meets that, then what are you waiting for?

Godly woman – This part solely depends on the religion you practice. If you are a Christian, you have your criteria same as Muslim, Buddhism, Atheism and the rest. However, if you would want to impose your religion on her at the end of the day, please look for a wife from your own belief. Let’s not complicate this matter. We all have our exceptions and if you can’t deal, it would be better you withdraw early enough. So if you have found your own godly spec, wife her!

A thinker – you don’t need someone who would worry herself to death thereby giving you the burden of thinking for you both. You need a good thinker. Worrying and thinking are two different things entirely. Whatever decision made or about to be made, there is always a better approach to it all. Being a good thinker helps get better result. Thereby having someone by your side who could think your ideas through and take it through some vigorous risk analytic hot seat is someone you should not miss. Even companies pay millions to risk analyzers to manage risk.

Comfortable – I think this would be my last point. You need someone who is very comfortable around you. If your woman isn’t comfortable then it’s your duty to make her. Let her be free enough to dance shoki, alanta or sekem when you both are alone even if she sucks at them all. If na twerking una want, carry go. Her being comfortable with and around you also helps the sex life. A lady can do the snake in monkey shadow style with you in bed when she is very comfortable. If not, nothing for you. She would just lie like a log of wood on the bed. The highest she would try is turning her back for the doggy style. Of course, that is even better for someone who isn’t comfortable with you. She doesn’t have to look into your eyes or be shy to make the expressions. All I am saying is, make your woman comfortable. Don’t come out as a boss to your woman. She should be able to open up and tell you anything and everything about what she goes through, how she feels, her wants and needs without being judged. She is human right? No one is perfect. If she is comfortable, wife her! Because that’s the beginning to an awesome sexual adventure in your marriage.

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  1. Hmmm…no mention of Sexual compatibility or shared interests. I do wonder, can you be in a relationship with someone that you aren’t sexually attracted to? Or someone you share no interest with…I can’t think of any shared interests with my parents besides telling me off lol

  2. The first thing that makes a woman right for me is our commons, and the next is her desire for the uncommon. I don’t do any religion as well so even if she be onisegun, as long as the commons exist, there we go.. and if she’s my Ms. Right… She must have done her IT in Coca Cola.

  3. “If she is comfortable, wife her” That’s a stylish way of saying…you fit manage am.That’s bad business o!

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