There is NO competition in Destiny

There is no competition in destiny. Find your uniqueness and explore it. There are so many people who are discontented with their lives and are perpetually wishing to become someone else. Why are you not happy with your gifts? I assume you have taken it upon yourself to discover your TAGS – Talents Abilities Gifts Strengths. When you explore your uniqueness, you will discover the wings that have been long trapped in you. You will soar to heights you never thought possible. One of my good friends, Wale Tejumade likes to say ‘’Find your habitat and inhabit it’’. Stop the envy. Stop being covetous. You may not have access to the privileges your friends have. Be contented. Contentment is happiness and happiness is contentment. Aside from happiness you derive personally, it is that gift that will make the world celebrate you some day.

There is no competition in destiny but there is collaboration. Find your ‘’destiny friends’’ and travel with them. You need encouragers, partners, confidants and people who believe in your dreams. These are not people who are threatened by the outrageous size of your future aspirations. Watch who you share your dreams with! As you keep exploring your unique gifts, you will begin to attract people who will invest in your dreams. Today, in the business world, a lot of collaborations are going on between major companies in form of mergers, acquisitions and affiliation. Synergy has its advantages, especially when it is a strategic collaboration. Indeed, it takes a team to fulfill a dream. Find your team of friends and helpers of destiny. As you continue exploring your forte, you will be drawn to friends significant to your assignment.

Destiny has a voice. There comes a point when destiny seemingly calls with a strident voice. That’s when we say ‘’Destiny calls’’. You will begin to sense a mysterious pull to do certain things, take specific steps or make decisions. There will be ideas, opportunities, platforms and resources flowing to you. Deep down in you, you have a ‘’knowing’’. But then it takes courage to respond to that voice.

Everyone has been packaged uniquely and there is no reason to be unhappy with yourself. Instead, celebrate yourself. It is possible that things are not looking good for now. Don’t lose courage; keep keeping on and very soon your success story will be published across the world soon. You deserve to be happy and successful. Life is not fair, but with faith in God and fire of determination in your heart, you will rise above every challenge to emerge a champion! Decide to be unstoppable in this journey of destiny.


idowu omisore
Written by Idowu Omisore – @IDgreatness

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