It is not over until you take your last breath, keep living!

It is not over until you take your last breath, keep living

As humans, we have the habit of letting every other aspect of our lives fall apart because something went wrong with an aspect of it. We read and share motivational books, Inspirational articles, quotes and blog posts daily without letting the obvious lessons in them sync.

We simply say “these things are easier said than done” or  say “oh I am human and I have the right to break down.”

True, the offense is not that you broke down, the true offense lies in you staying down.

You must pick yourself up and learn from the mistake made or bad experience while being focused on living.

I was watching an interview on TV last weekend, where the CEO of a handmade cutlery company shared how she got her first big break order while on a sick bed recovering from cancer treatments.

She said (I paraphrase), “That was the biggest order for my business at that point in my career. After that came bigger referrals. I wonder if I would have ever gotten such big break again in my career. That singular outrageous order ushered my business into international standards. It was outrageous because the demand was way higher than my company supply strength at the time and I was given a month. I was determined to deliver and we did.”

You need to learn how to keep moving. Some destroy the beautiful relationship they have with their partner because they are facing difficulties in their work place. Some allow personal relations interfere with business deals.

Yes we are human, with feelings, but learning to control your feelings will take you to place you never will if you allow every emotion pull you down.

Jewel Diamond Taylor shared this on his Facebook wall about a Doctor who didn’t let his health condition stop him from living.

Read below:

Dr. Ted Rummel
Dr. Ted Rummel

“A Missouri surgeon paralyzed in 2010 is continuing to operate on his patients — from a stand-up wheelchair. Dr. Ted Rummel experienced a blood-filled cyst on his spine burst, leaving him unable to move any part of his body below the waist. He is paralyzed from the waist down after his illness. He now performs procedures on patients’ hands, elbows, feet, knees and ankles from his sitting wheelchair. To operate on shoulders, he gets strapped into an upright chair.Even that doesn’t stop him from saving people’s lives. He is RESILIENT. He is a great example…when your gift, purpose and service knows NO limitation or excuses. He realized his life wasn’t over. I hope this inspires someone immersed in self-pity feeling depressed and defeated or thinking their life is over because of a setback.” ~ Jewel Diamond Taylor

Please let this inspire you. You must keep living until you take your last breath.

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