All you should fear is fear itself

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The evil, that is fear, is that force that first shrinks, paralyzes and then destroys you sooner than you know. When you let fear take control of you, it truncates your natural ability to explore all your abilities to achieve greater goals. Fear doesn’t have a definite goal and that is why there is no reason at all to let it stay.


Fear of being who you really are because of criticisms, fear of sharing your ideas with the world because of rejection, fear of not attempting because you may not be good enough, fear of loving because of being hurt or not being loved in return, fear of associating because of not being wanted or needed, hence, you project a false persona when you enter a new environment, and the fear builds on and on and on. But think about it this way, all that fear put aside, imagine such greatness shut inside of you, waiting to be let out.

FEAR 2Fear surely does limit and imprisons you. Don’t listen to that voice inside of you telling you not to live your best life. Don’t listen to the external voices telling you how unqualified you are for greatness. Listen to your own voice, your intuition, your thoughts, and your dreams because they are the roadmaps to your greatness.

There is never that one clear path that is meant for everyone to follow. Choose a path that fits you and embrace your journey fearlessly. Ask those who followed the crowd, they all got lost in it. Ask those who dimmed their light out of fear, they soon realised that their light is the only clear vision to their greatness. And those who put others ahead of themselves for fear of not being good enough? They remained behind the rest, waiting for validation to their greatness.

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You cannot live your life at the mercy of others because of fear. You cannot remain a captive to your own dreams because of fear. Believe in yourself and commit to goals that speak to you and soon you’d realise that your fears are completely dependent on you for their survival. They can only stay if you give them a chance to stay. Every day comes with a new opportunity to become a better version of yourself and this can only be achieved when you put all the fear out of the way. Remember, everything you ever want to be resides on the other side of fear!

  • Chinonye Chidolue

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