Life As A Cab Man In The Metropolis – 11

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Life has been going smoothly since Aunty Onos came back. I didn’t have to bother too much about a whole lot, even I wasn’t too bothered about my cab driver situation. Nnenna had just spent the weekend over and it was another Monday morning.

“So what you up to today?” I asked.

“Well nothing much, my boyfriend is coming to Lagos today” she said “Oh Okaay, Don’t worry about it” she laughed, “he might not even see me”

“Why?” I asked.

“He’s been dodging me lately”

“Why will he be dodging you? You are his girlfriend.”

“Am I his girlfriend now?” she asked as she kissed my lips.

“Well, technically yes”, I said.

She laughed and said, “You are so funny Efe, have you started having feelings for me? Now that you are showing concern all of a sudden? Talk now oh”

I don’t know what you talking about”, I laughed.

“anyways when you get back let me know”

“Yeah Sure…Today I’m taking Mrs. Abayomi out so should be home early, will call you.

“Okay sure”, she tied her scarf and walked out the room. As I sunk into my bed, yes I have feelings for Nnenna now. I just can’t let her know, she has a boyfriend I will just look like a fool besides I don’t even know whether she likes me as much as her boyfriend.

Phone rings…

Hello Ma, Good Morning Ma Efe how are you?  Oya start coming oh I’m almost ready Okay Ma, Yes, so that we can beat traffic, Okay Ma Okay Ma, I’m on my way.

I hurriedly took a quick shower and hopped into the car and made my way to Mrs. Abayomi’s house Getting there Mrs. Abayomi was already coming out.

“Ehen Efe how are you? We will first go and pick my friend Ronke first ehn”

“Okay ma”

“So how have you been?”

Fine ma, very fine”

“And your weekend?”

“Very fine too ma”

“Wait hold on, Ronke Come out I’m outside Sorry Efe, just park in front there”

“Okay Ma”

Ms. Ronke was a middle aged lady who was still wanted to look very young and hence dressed like one. She was one of Mrs. Abayomi’s friend who was full of life and was always having stories of how she has been partying and all her escapades. I knew I was in for a long day, so I was happy I kept my Alomo in my compartment in case the talks become too much for me.

“Ronke ni bo lo ‘n lo that you are dressing like this now”

“Market now”

“Oya enter car jare, yeye woman”

“Please oh! I have to look good everywhere my sister, all you married women and your boring life”

“Afi Boring life, shebi your daughter is watching you” They both Laughed.

“Sister”, Ronke continues, “what can I do?  I must enjoy now, you know me now Ronky Eja Tutu”, they Laughed again

“How is Dele?”

“Hmmn… Ronke Dele these days, I don’t understand, he will promise me something the next thing is there is no money, he needs money to do something or the other. That’s how I found hotel bill in his pocket 3 days ago…Three Hundred Thousand.”

“Kini Dele Se ninu hotel that he is Spending three hundred thousand? Have you talked to him about it.” Ronke asked.

“No oh!” Mrs. Abayomi said.


“Wait, Efe take us first to Marina ehn”

“Okay Ma”

“Ehen you ask me why? What am I supposed to ask him?”

“Until he brings another woman home before you talk??  You know these Men, that’s it from spending 300 thousand on hotel to buying them houses before you know secret child.. “

“But Ronke ehn, I don’t want to be looking like an inquisitive wife and all. Me I just want him to keep doing his responsibilities that’s all”

“Responsibility ko responsibility ni, keep waiting, better talk to him”

“Ronke ehn, I will just pray, that’s all, remember the last time this thing happened now”

“Yes I do”, she said

“And how it dragged and it even affected the kids now, I really don’t want that”

“Yeah I understand But I’m still saying you should talk to him”

We got to our destination and the two women came down. I brought out my Alomo bottle, as I took a sip I started to feel guilt deep down, here I was I know what was going on, it’s probably the same girl I always see Mr. Abayomi with, But what am I supposed to do I can’t tell and keeping quiet kills because knowing the pain Mrs. Abayomi is going through, is it worth it? Her kids. There has to be a reason why Mr. Abayomi is doing it. I mean what do I know? I’m just a cabman and I’m just here to serve. I took one more sip from my bottle.

After some hours the two women came back with their load, I hurried to help.

“Have you eaten today?”

“Yes ma, I did when you left.”

“Okay, oya lets go to the shop”

“Yes ma”

As I drove, the women continued their gist, Mrs. Abayomi’s phone rang.

“Hello…Yes I’m on my way home already…You want to go somewhere?…Okay we are on our way.”

“Efe, oga said he wants you to do something for him.”

“Okay ma”

“Shey you people will not get driver? Or hire Efe.”

“We have tried, they always leave and Efe himself doesn’t say anything when we offer”

“No ma, it’s not like that”, I laughed. “I’m trying to work something through that’s why”

“Which thing? which thing? Anyways as she turned Ms Ronke was already fast asleep She laughed, as she sunk into the chair and started using her phone I thought to myself I really don’t want to get myself into the middle of this not even at this point where things are tense in the home of the Abayomi’s. Whatever happens, I will be one of the victims. But what if it doesn’t happen? There are possibilities.

Hmmn… As I faced the road I increased the volume of my radio…  Burna Boy – Na Sa E Suppose Be Plays*

Written by Sir Jaydee

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