#InternationalFathersDay: How to be a Great Father

Being a father can be a wonderful and weary experience. We cannot underestimate the role of the father in a family. The role is very critical to a child’s development. Therefore, it is essential to be a great father to your child. As a father, you need to practice positive parenting in raising your child. Today is International Father’s Day, and we think it is a great idea to share some tips on being a great father with you. Kindly continue reading to find some cool tips on how to be a great father.

·         Learn how to spend quality time with your child

Spending with your child often shows that you really care about your child, and that child deserves your time. Kids with strong bonds with their parents tend to grow more happily with less self-esteem. There are different ways to spend time with your child. You can play a game or just talk about a topic, or just watch a movie together. No matter what you choose to do, ensure you regularly spend quality time with your child.

·         Have meaningful conversations with your child

It is essential to learn how to talk to your child. Be someone your child can easily speak to whenever they want to. Having meaningful conversations with your child will likely help your child grow smartly. It may also help to boost your child’s self-esteem.

·         Caution with love and positivity

When a child does something wrong, you don’t need to resort to violence, anger, or bitterness against such a child. What your child needs is guidance and discipline without any form of abuse. Look for ways to discipline your child beyond harsh punishment. As a dad, ensure you restrain your anger as you let your child know the consequences of his/her actions. Correct your child with calm and love.

·         Be a role model to your child

It is no doubt that parents are role models for their children. Ensure you are a good role model for your child. Teach your child how to grow into a responsible adult. Let your child know what is essential in life and how to live life with all honesty and humility. Remember that actions speak louder than words. Therefore, be an exemplary figure to your child. Show them what you want them to do.

·         Read to your child

It is said that readers are leaders. It is essential to help your child develop the reading habit. Read your child to sleep. Have a random reading session with your child. Buy books for your child and encourage your child to read. Try to instil a love for books and reading in your child to help them develop a healthy lifestyle of literacy and personal growth.

·         Be a great support to the mom

Refrain from looking at any duty as the mom’s duty. Learn how to share responsibilities with the mom and be highly supportive. Cook for the family. Teach your child how to cook. Take the kids to school. Help your child with assignments. Be a very supportive dad to your child, and a supportive husband to your wife.

·         Seek help when needed

It can be overwhelming to be a father. Therefore, it is okay to seek help. You can go for the help of a professional, or just watch YouTube videos or read on parenting and fatherhood. Whenever you need help or feel stuck about raising your child, talk to someone who can really help you.

Happy Father’s Day!

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