Sin City

Its a wet Wednesday morning and am here with my second attempt at writing a story. My first attempt was A Guy’s Dilemma (Click here if you missed that) but i promise this one has just two episodes unlike the first which had twelve episodes. Read, enjoy and please let me know what you think  (Drop a comment).sex therapyMy morning was lonely. Suffering from a terrible hang over and my normal morning erection (at least that part of my body never gets tired neither does it disappoint). Lying down on this family sized bed alone and thinking of the next phase of my life. I quit my job last month because I wasn’t satisfied. All I wanted to do was music and the job was being a hindrance to achieving this dream. I needed more time to face my music career. I used to be part of the internet scammers (yahoo boys), clients weren’t coming my way like they used to, so I said to myself, “Its time I stopped this life style”. Not sure the decision was convincing enough. While thinking all these through, I picked up my blackberry and tweeted, “I need someone to talk to” out of my very subconscious side.


I was going through my various accounts on social networks one fateful Saturday morning. Went through my Facebook to Google+, LinkedIn, Nairaland, Instagram and then finally landed on twitter where I was likely to spend the rest of the day.

Just while I was scrolling through, up, down, sideways (android things, lol), I saw a particular tweet from a handle (Twitter User), “I need someone to talk to”.

I checked out this handle’s avatar (Twitter user display picture) and I must say I was impressed. A fair good looking, dark complexioned young guy. We were already following each other (what you can classify as being friends on Facebook for those who don’t know much about twitter) and to think that was my first time of noticing the handle. I decided to lend a listening ear to the worried Nigga.


Hey dear, whatsup with you? I saw your tweet about wanting to talk to someone and I don’t mind being that someone

O boy!, P don set o. I have been following this babe for a while now, her tweets are really interesting but I hadn’t the courage to go to her DM (direct message) and here she is, right in my nest. Wow!

I would prefer we chat on bbm, can I have your pin?

My heart jumped up in excitement and anxiety. I didn’t want to sound so cheap neither do I want to be harsh.

I can only chat via DM for now, my blackberry subscription is off. Would send my pin once I subscribe

See this babe oh. Is she sounding all nice because her BIS is off? If that’s the case then she’s got the wrong person. I am no maga. Will keep my cool and flow though.

Ohk, So whatsup?”

I just hope this nigga doesn’t think I am indirectly asking him to do my subscription o, all these twitter boys with their mindset sef. Just didn’t want to give him my pin. He can think whatever sha, I’ll just go with the flow.

Nothing really, what do you need to talk to someone about?

See this babe o, does she think I will start telling her all about me just like that? Some chicken brain girls sef.

Babe, I would rather let get to know each other. What’s your name?”

My name is Elizabeth but you can call me lizzy. You?

I am Gbenga. What do you do?

“I am a student of ABSU, studying computer science.”

“So you in Abia now?”

“Naa, I am in Lagos for my industrial attachment with an IT firm. I am just lucky they treat me more like a staff than an IT student or how I expected to be treated compared to my friends experience.”

“Cool, so you stay with your parents, right?”

“No, I am staying with my aunt, but she traveled to Abuja. So I am home alone.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

Boyfriend? The thought of the answer to that question brought different emotions back. Love, hatred, pain, disappointment, triumph, revenge, name it. I managed to reduce all the response I would have loved to give to a simple


Hoping for no further interrogations.

All these girls can lie sha. Haba! How can a girl as beautiful as this say she doesn’t have a boyfriend? Or she just photogenic?

How so? Just broke up? “

Yes, about 3 months now”


DOKUN! A good looking, average height, dark complexion man. From the southern part of the country. I met him on one of those aimless movement that lands you in so many places including a friend’s work place. He was my friend’s boss and he got interested in me the moment he set his eyes on me. Peju introduced me to her boss and he was on my case from that moment on. I didn’t like him initially and it took me one year+ to say yes to him. We had it real good for about 4 months. Just when I was finally in love with the dude, he suddenly changed. Stopped calling, will pick my call after several and act cold. At last he dropped the bomb shell, saying his mum would die if he married a lady from the east. That we were getting too close and he needs to put a stop to it. Thoughts of him made tears rolls down my eye. I was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Who is at the door? I am coming”

I wiped off my tears, applied a little powder and smile at the girl in the mirror. I was almost at the door when I remembered the chat Niyi and I had last night. How did I forget he was gonna come see me today? The one guy that know how to keep this body and soul of mine together.


I met Niyi the day after Dokun and I broke up. I went to a popular classy bar around my area, sat down and helped myself with enough alcohol and cat fish pepper soup for the heartbreak. Tears rolled down my chin as I downed my order, I cared less about me being noticed since I selected a very secluded area and backed every other person. Just then I heard a voice from behind, “Can I join you?” the voice wasn’t familiar but sent the chills to my spine. I wiped my tears with the back of my palm, turned to a good looking guy standing behind and smiled, “Please do”. I managed to say while trying to hide my tears. He was really good company. We talked about everything, poured my heart out to him and the next thing I knew was me in his house having great sex. From that very day, we became sex partners. He is also sweet and caring and I guess that’s why we have been hitting it this long without issues. The thought of him taking advantage of me during my fragile moment came into play but I was able to stop, and delete such thoughts from my mind. I was enjoying every bit of it. I never knew I was on a journey to sin city…



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