A Quick Guide to Loving Your Body

Our society has a whole lot of standards that everyone is expected to live by. What our physical appearance or body structure should look like is one of those standards. The high standards that our society places on physical is capable of rubbing off the self-esteem of anyone who does not meet up to that standard. Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way but people tend not to classify you as beautiful when you are not slim or fair or tall or whatever it is that serve as their measure of beauty.

However, remember that your body image is that opinion of yourself when you look into the mirror or think of your body. It is the mental representation or perception that you have developed on the attractiveness of your body, and it may not bear close relation on how other people actually see you. What should matter most to you is what you think and feel about your body. The kind of acceptance you give to your body will determine a lot about your interpersonal relationship. Your body loves you and you should love your body too.

Below are some tips to help you love your body:

·         Stop Avoiding Your Body

Loving your body is accepting that it is yours and you are responsible for whatever happens to it. Avoiding the mirror is not the way to build a positive body image. You need to learn and know your body as well as how your body works. You don’t want to be out with friends and someone admires a birthmark behind your ear or neck but you don’t even know that a mark has been there. Look into the mirror often; get to know your body and feel comfortable in it. The more you get in contact with your body and accept the way it is, the more you develop a better body image.

·         Don’t Compare Your Body with That of Other People

The lesser you compare your physical attributes with that of other people (most especially the people you admire a lot), the better for you. It is okay to admire people but when you constantly compare yourself with them, it is likely to become a habit and this is not good for you because it makes you feel less of yourself. Learn to carry your body comfortably without bothering yourself about the opinion of others. The people you admire and consider perfect most times are actually secretly admiring something about you. Quit trying to be like someone else and be the best that you can.

·         Treat Yourself the Way You Treat the People You Love

Giving your body the kind of attention and care that you give to the people you love makes you love your body the more. Realizing that your body is worth caring for will help you give you a healthy attitude towards yourself. You don’t have to wait for people to compliment you before you acknowledge that you look good. It won’t hurt to say to yourself all of the nice things you say to other people. Take yourself out on a date and have fun being your own company.

·         Focus On Your Unique Qualities

Every individual is amazing and unique in their own little way. Create time to discover your unique qualities, focus on them and put them to good use. Engage yourself in the things that you love to do, and things that make you happy. Explore your talents and find ways to build and improve on them; this will certainly help to enhance your body image as well as grow to love yourself more.

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