Amazing Nigerian Fashion Content Creators You Should Check Out on YouTube

Nigeria is a fashion powerhouse not only in the African continent but globally. Many Nigerian fashion designers have received accolades for their exemplary work and roles in showcasing the Nigerian spirit, culture, and diversity.

The importance of YouTube in helping fashion creators grow their brand and allow them to reach for an audience within and outside of Nigeria cannot be emphasised enough. It is a platform that gives Nigerian fashion designers the chance to showcase their creativity and educate both young and old aspiring to walk the path of fashion in Nigeria. It also helps the audience to know what dress and style is in vogue.

The traditional element cannot be left out in the Nigerian Fashion. It can either be simple or complicated, but either way, it comes out beautifully if the right combinations are used. You should follow these 5 Nigerian fashion content creators on YouTube to learn the right combos for your style. Each channel unravels easy and fantastic ways to create iconic looks that ooze creativity and elegance.

·         Bilikis Signatures

If you are a female aspiring to make incredible fashion statements everywhere you go, Bilikis Signature is your real plug. She can be regarded as a pioneer having started her channel 6 years ago, with over 200k subscribers and over 17 million views. The content creator teaches how to make an infinity wrap dress, cut and sew front zip pocket, make an off-shoulder jumpsuit, and make designer Kimono top, among other things. The channel is intended for sharing fashion contents and also tutorials classes for interested designers. The content creator is a good inspiration to whatever style you want.

·         Kim Dave

Thinking of the trendiest women’s wear to go for? Kim Dave is both a designer and digital content creator whose primary vision is to educate everyone on the importance of careful garment creation. The London based blogger and content creator says the channel with 236k subscribers and over 11 million views is a window view of what goes on in her life. The channel is where she showcases her love for fashion, beauty, and a positive lifestyle. She teaches a series of classes from Beginner’s classes to intermediate and even to expert level. You can also explore different markets as she takes you on a journey to find, buy, and review the best fabrics and equipment in London. She has served as a strong inspiration to aspiring fashion designers.

·         Ihunda JenniferStyles

The fantastic fashion YouTuber is the number one online African fashion and styles catalogue for hand-made clothes. It is effortless to learn and keep abreast of the latest, beautiful, and classy Ankara Aso Ebi styles in vogue from this channel. With over 30 videos, 24k subscribers, and 2.1 million views, the channel is all about showcasing African traditional clothes and styles. It has been helpful to lots of people, especially fashionistas, when deciding what to wear to occasions and other events in Nigeria.

·         NaijaGlamWedding

For everyone searching for the perfect inspiration and how to plan their wedding, NaijaGlamWedding is the channel for you. This channel showcases and brings to life wedding daydreams without spending too much. It is for both the bride, groom, and anyone looking for ideas on how to best plan that loud and classy wedding events. There is definitely no shame in planning an inexpensive wedding if you know how to pull it off and make it seem like you spent more, there are thousands of cases where couples go broke after planning their wedding. It doesn’t have to be so with NaijaGlamWedding planning tips and tools. With the 14k subscribers and 4 million views, the channel was created to provide DIY wedding planning tips and tools for an average Nigerian couple to have an elaborate wedding.

·         Donlarrie Couture

Donlarrie specialises in pattern drafting, sewing tutorials, and DIY. With the amazing videos she creates, she has been able to affect the lives of her 107k subscribers and aspiring fashion designers. With over 5 million views on her videos, the channel is dedicated to dressmaking, and sharing tutorials that include pattern drafting, and illustrations of the different styles in vogue. So if you aspire to design and sew it all by yourself, Donlarrie is the golden inspiration for you. From the channel, you will find a great opportunity to learn important tips and tools more practically with step-by-step illustration on how to make fascinator headpiece, halter neck stitching, and make amazing tops and bottoms.

Are there other fashion content creators on YouTube that you enjoy following? Kindly share the channel with us in the comment section.

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