Interesting Ideas for Partners in a Long Distance Relationship

Couples often prefer dating people in the same geographical territory as themselves because distant relationships can be challenging. However, we are in a critical time, and some couples may be stuck in different parts of the country or even the world. Although day-to-day activities seem to be picking up, the pandemic has been a stumbling block affecting every aspect of human life. If you are currently in a long-distance relationship, or you are simply unable to see your partner because of the restrictions created by the pandemic, here are some fun things you can still do together:

·         Gaming

Download game apps on your phones and play together. If you’re the type that doesn’t spend much time on the internet or make use of your mobile phone much, now is the perfect time to start.

There are few games on PlayStore such as Scrabbles, 4 Connect, Words with Friends, imessages, House Party Quick Questions, and so on that you can play together and get busy. One of the best ways to lose track of time is by playing games with each other.

·         Communicate Creatively

Communication is crucial. It’s the only thing that can help in this situation, but don’t be overly clingy. It might tip your partner off, and you may both run out of things to talk about.

However, find creative ways to communicate. Send sweet SMS to each other. Share goofy pictures and short videos for amusement. Send audio clips of yourself singing even if you’re a terrible singer. Your partner will end up laughing and teasing you about it.

·         Sexting

Many people find sexting really weird and awkward, but if you can move past the initial stage of awkwardness, it will be highly enjoyable for both of you. Send him/her a really sexy picture of yourself in the bathtub or a short revealing video of yourself. This can be a huge relief from work stress for you both. Try having mind-blowing sex with your partner over the phone. Talk about how you’ll touch them as though they were right there with you. Learn how to have great fun through sexting.

·         Go on Virtual Dates

Don’t let the social distance put a barrier on your creativity and romance. You two should set date nights with each other while you both can order your favourite meal and have a lovely moment. This should not be awkward in any way, you just have to talk and laugh with your spouse over a cup of wine and dessert. Make use of Skype or any video call platform and talk about your favourite book or movie and other topics that pop up.

·         Send gifts

The first rule of loving someone is share with them. You both can do some online shopping and buy each other gifts. You can also send surprise packages, flowers, or even food packages. Don’t let the social distance stop you from delivering that breakfast tray you’ve always promised him/her.

In all, try to have as much fun as possible with your partner, and keep the passion for each other burning as you stay safe.

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