In this piece,I do bare my soul like a sacrifice.That when each verse seems a trance;You shall walk in my thoughts,Feel the battles I fought,Get obsessed in the feelings I felt,Live within the pain in which I dwelt,Acquaint in thee, the passion that did ignite the dreamWhich lit as a million candle of stars,And the hurdles that sewn in me embroidered scars.Through life’s furnace, I comet.Along the path I met with fretYet, I did flourish with a roar of hope.As a blacksmith, destiny forged me into art,That deaths effigy shall dare not have us part.For in decay of my flesh, the world shall dwell on my pieceAnd wield of them statutes for timeless gaze.Love me in that wayAnd make of my name a heir to immortality

Chidera Nnaeto esq.


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