In the beginning

God created heaven and earth

And Abasi Ibom said, let there be land

Behold a place came forth in the mist of plenty

And was bounded in the West by the peoples Paradise

And bounded in the East by a treasure base and God’s own state

God stretches forth a body of mighty water in the south

And said, there shall you drill oil, feed, and your enemies drown

Then God saw how great the land at the middle was

And he name it after himself

And this land was called Akwa Ibom and He separated them from Cross Rivers

This was 1987, the first year of creation.


God blessed them with vast resources and separated them from hardship

And God said it is not good for the land to be alone

And God created Ibibio, Annang, and Oron and made them to be stronger together

He gave them a culture that attracted other tribes from all over the world

And he said, go and multiply and dominate, and develop the land

This was the first decade of creation

And God saw that this was not possible without good leaders

So, God anoited Obong Victor Attah, Sir Gods Will Akpabio and Deacon Udom Emmanuel

And this was the generation of democratic leadership


God saw that the people trusted him

So, he made them home of food

God saw that the city was dark when the sun fades

And he said, let there be light and there was street light

So, he led them by their leaders to build road, stadium, and beautiful things

And he said blessed them

And a loud voice came from heaven saying

Akwa Ibom, Daakadaa!

And it came to pass that at the 30th year the people had prospered

And the city was good and God sort to perfect these beauty

And He said with a loud voice, colour them orange!!


Poem by Anietie Richard.

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  1. am bless to be part of akwa ibom som, am a driver and an auto technician here in abuja thanks

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