How do I Love Again?

How do I Love Again

Dear Elsians,

I have a problem with celebrating Valentines Day/birthday with anyone, in fact, I do not believe in it. It might sound weird, but I really wish it was not so. I started being indifferent to Valentines/birth day because of a particular girl. I loved her so much and I did all I could to make her happy. I would buy her things on Valentines day and on her birthday as well. I loved her so much, I was so certain I would marry her. After a while I noticed she preferred to read in her besties room; her “bestie” was a guy. I knew the guy, but I was not really sure I trusted him. After a while she would tell me she was reading overnight at his room, and she was so carried away once she let me know she reads on his bed!

To cut the long story short, I slowly became indifferent to her because I felt disrespected. Now I cannot bring myself to fully commit to any lady. I only have sex with them and then I lose interest quickly. I am in a relationship now and I am not going to celebrate any Valentines or birthday because I just met her.. What do I do to start believing in love again? I need your advice. How do I Love Again?

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  1. Letting go is one of the toughest things you’ll ever have to do in your life.Take it one day at a time. You’ll get there. Just be sure your decisions don’t hurt the next person…the girl you ae currently seeing.Your next relationship is never going to be like the first. Stop looking for the same feelings you had in the first one and gradually, you’ll get there.E no easy. Stay strong bro.

  2. Trust, when once broken, is tough to get back. But you have to start realizing that not all women are the same. Yes, this ex girlfriend who you loved so much hurt you. But you shouldn’t let that hurt define you and every good relationship that may come your way.

  3. There’s a saying in yoruba that says, “if we close our eyes so as not to witness the passage of an evil person, we wouldn’t realise it when a good man passes.” Forget about your Ex and trust your new girl, but most importantly, u have to trust yourself. Let go, live again, and you will love again.

  4. Because you are cheated in a previous relationship should not debar you from trusting again though it can be painful but one thing is certain, you don’t go forward in life by focussing on the rear mirror. You need to let go your past hurt if you will ever enjoy the present or future.

  5. Well how u can love a friend,take time to study her to know more about her,make ur communication effective n efficient so u will know her more,b4 u know wat is happening,u will start falling in love

  6. bros, do not use the ex’s raggae to spoil the present’s blues, biko. I’m not a fan of “valentine’s” but that birthday gift must be bought #okbye

  7. We all have issues. We all have baggage.What shall we say then? Shall the whole world stop ‘just because’…?Move on. And learn. And let go.

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