#LoveLiteratiContest – ‘Electric Eel’ by Amaka Ndukwu

Love Literati contest - shortlisted submission - elsieisy blog

Here I was standing at his front door, I had eventually made the gutsy and seemingly foolhardy decision to visit. After ringing the bell, I zone out for what felt like the longest two minutes, recalling the events that firmed my resolve leading to this moment while the bees in my tummy crazed with excitement.

“Hey You”, his sonorous voice beckons me to be present.

“You look beautiful, but different”,

“Thank y..you” I stutter,

 His gaze lingers as I sweep past him into the apartment.

Remember the events I recalled ? well it involved a total makeover from my comfort zone.

Settling in on the couch, I steal a glance at this gift of a being I have been given;

“Lord, the effect this man has on me, He sets in motion everything I have never felt, help me…”

I mutter under my breath.

Now you know why I call him an Electric EEL,  snap out of it Hazel.

He is seated on a stool quite a distance from me, I had informed him about the “close effect saga”, this unconscious gesture of his seemingly stoked the sparks to a proper inferno.

What I was about to do next, would play out as if straight off the pages of a novel I read.

I cross the room, taking short purposeful strides to where He was seated. Without asking, I plant myself on his lap, making myself comfortable as I strap my legs around his waist.

“Please do not look down” , I plead slightly fluttered.

“A girl was not properly dressed for this sitting position”, I quipped in before he thought to ask why.

the need to be decent is all, picked the wrong outfit…

Watching him lose himself passionately describing and articulating his points on things that have a soft place in his heart was like watching a kid taste candy for the first time.

Heart we plan on stealing I think to myself..

“Can I kiss you ?” ,
I think I heard clearly but was shaken and taken aback.

“What did you say ?”

“I asked if I could kiss you?”

“I would think about it “, I steer the conversation immediately, pretending like he never asked showing off my evasive skill.

He had only ever given me kisses on my forehead.

He was again carried away while talking, perfect timing I thought to myself with a grin.

Wish me luck.. Good luck girl

I plant a kiss on his lips,
“Please shut up”, I try to whisper still biting his lower lip.

“I did not see ..” before he could complete that, my lips on his again staying in, inhaling every bit of him.

What was more intoxicating, him or his scent ?  not now.

I shut my eyes, my mind racing …
“GOD I am taking advantage of him ain’t I ?”

Pulling myself away, I give him a hug trying to hide my embarrassed self in his arms, the silence that ensued could not be any more deafening.

“Before you judge my kissing, you are my first”. I say this with a tear or two leaking from somewhere, flushed cheeks and all trying to break the silence.

I feel his grip tighten, “Come here you” he whispers, and his arms were home all by itself…..

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  1. Oh my!!!!! Can I be your Electric Eel?
    This is captivatingly emotional. I’m looking for my Hazel

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