The House – 39 (R-18+)

The house

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SESAN..Things were pretty much back to normal, Yemisi had been discharged and was back in the house but her waka about don reduce. Bode had resumed work back and was hardly around. He would leave early even before i open eye and return home late. I even want to ask him how far with Latifah and what is the 411 with the baby he and Yemisi were soon to have.

I made it my business every night to visit Seyi and fuck regularly, she was actually fun to be begging the question why she first put me off with her lesbian tag. Ibironke had not been seen since the day of the incident, not that anyone was even bothered. Yemisi talked no more about the incident  at least in my presence and I made it my early morning to step into Aso rock. She was always asking after Bode like say the belle wey she get don confirm say them don turn husband and wife but again what was my own, I always indulged and answered her questions. At least she never ask say when Bode and family go come see her people (If she had people sef)…which reminded me that I had not seen it fit to ask Bode if he had called anyone back home to inform them of the bundle of joy (abi wetin I go call am?) on the way. I have been trying to picture the look on the face of Iya Bode when she discovers that not only has her son impregnated a lady out of wedlock but the said Lady was a prostitute..hehehehehe, she fit get heart attack. Omo, make i get water shower enter stroll reach Konigba find better jedi for tonight.


I massaged my forehead and looked at my wrist watch, it was past nine. Menn, I had not looked at the time at all. Time to go home, this work could wait…The highest my supervisor was going to do tomorrow was scream like the mad dog she was and right now my tiredness was beyond caring. I packed up my  laptop and phone chargers into my bag and got out of my cubicle. Nodded in greeting at the guard at the gate as I made my way out.  I pulled out my ear piece as I made up my mind to wait go home via a keke napep and Okada jare.  I got a keke napep fast enough..once moving, my mind strayed to Yemisi and my dilemma. What was I going to do? Was I to run? run sef, to where. Sesan was family and all they had to do was start trouble with him and he would lead them straight to mummy who I had not even developed the guts to go tell all that was going on. I just needed to make enough money then maybe I could just pay Yemisi off and be sending her money for monthly upkeep. The thought erased from my head as the napep to my destination and I got off pulling out a fifty naira note and paying the driver. I hailed a bike and after coming to an agreement for one hundred naira, he proceeded to carry me home. I plugged up my ear and started jamming Adekunle Gold’s Gold album for the pain. Was it cold or just the speed of the bike making my skin crawl up. I couldn’t tell. It did not matter though because five minutes later I was home and about stepping into the house compound when I saw Latifah walking towards me..where could she have been coming from at this hour?

“Madam, na you oo where are you coming from at this hour?”…I smiled as I asked the question, been some days since I last saw her. and she was looking all shades of unhappy right now.

“Don’t mind me jare, I just said I should get to konigba and clear my head”..She replied.

“Konigba ke for clear head? when did Konigba turn to hospital”…I asked in surprise

“Wo Bode,you won’t understand jare”..

“madam break it down and explain..which one is I wouldn’t understand. Have you explained at all?”I frowned at her.

“I need some alcohol, can’t drink at home you know my mumsi na”..she whispered

“I don’t still understand”..It was like she was speaking Spanish, I don’t speak Spanish.

“My elder sister Risi is around jare and anytime she is around, she go dey form madam holy holy. I couldn’t take it for long jare, had to get out of the house.”

Then it hit me that the tall ugly looking lady that had been standing in front of Iya Nuru’s house every morning for the last few days was not an early customer but her daughter. I had paid special attention to the lady because I had been wondering why one would be up as early as that just to come and stand in front of someone else’ house. I knew so little about most of Iya Nuru’s children sef. I said nothing as we began to walk away from the house and towards Iya Nuru’s gate..

“What school is she in?” ..I asked trying to make conversation

“She is done with school, she works with one yeye ministry in Abeokuta jare”..

“Oh alright, Latifah I need to go sleep..I am tired”..I said as we got to their gate and I needed to discharge her.

‘oya now, let me even follow you, been a while I entered that una room”..

I laughed and pulled her closed for a tight hug, feeling she needed that more than anything with all she was going through.

“Bode”..she whispered against my chest


“Would you fuck me now? I am really horny”..

My heart skipped  beat as my dick heard what she had just said. I did not know what or how to turn her down so I simply said..

“I can’t, you are pregnant with someone’s child”….

“It doesn’t matter, added sperm is good for the baby. Any doctor would tell you that to always top it”..She whispered again.

I laughed

“Yes it is good for the father to top it, I am not the father”..

“Wouldn’t you like to be?”…She asked as her hand was unbuckling my belt and sliding into my boxers to massage my dick. I just smiled in the dark, the alcohol was at work in her. I let my own hands too free and they went right behind her squeezing up her ass through the leggings she had on, I could tell she had no panties on. She stopped what she was doing and turned around whining up her ass on my dick which was now out in the open…I was hard as fuck..

“Fuck me”…this time it was a command.

I did not waste anytime in pulling her leggings right down,I pushed her head harder against the gate. Right now I didn’t care about anyone even coming out and seeing us, I just had to fuck some sense into her. I slapped my dick on her ass and nudged her legs further apart as I shoved my dick right up her pussy, she let out a cry as i let her feel the first thrust in deep. I let my laptop bag slide to the floor as I had both hands now firmly placed on her hips and started fucking her like my life depended on it. I knew I was hitting her pretty hard from her moans which were now quite loud enough to wake the entire neighborhood. Wasn’t my concern, I was like a man possessed and been bathed with some holy water right now. I spanked her ass right hard and make sure to leave my mark right there, I leaned forward and buried my face by her neck letting my tongue roam down that side. I bent her head lower and dug in deeper letting her head hit the gate, she must have thought I was trying to fuck the baby out of her because she started pleading..

“Bode, please stop please”…

I did not yield till her pleading pushed me right over the edge and i spilled all into her without caring, she was pregnant already so what was the worse that could happen sef? I stayed a while inside her letting my dick go all limp and fall out of her. She did not say anything which was quite surprising considering her pleas just moments ago. She stayed in the same bent over position for a while before finally standing upright and pulling her leggings back over her ass without a word still. I shrugged and got to pulling my zipper back up and buckling my belt.

“So he is the owner of the pregnancy abi?”..a voice came out of the dark, I looked up to see who spoke since it was obviously not Latifah’s voice I heard. I heard a knob been turned and the gate opened and out stepped Risi or whatever Latifah had called her name. Still trying to correlate what was up with the name and her voice but that was for later.

“Wh,wha,what pregnancy?” I gathered myself and feigned ignorance of Latifah’s pregnancy and was expecting her to do the same but all I got was silence.

“No need to deny it, Oga. We already know she is pregnant, we have just been worried about who the owner is since she has refused to tell us”..Risi continued with a smirk on her face that was quite visible in the dark.

I turned back to look at Latifah expecting her to say something and all I got was silence.

Written By Bass ( Twitter – @bass_ige)

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  1. Set up to bad. Two babies hanging on the neck of a man who was father to none of them, talk about akoba adaba!

  2. Lovely story….bode is in trouble…he would knw that its not all pussy u see DAT must get fucked

  3. oh my God…. I feel for bode…. but serves him right he should have controlled himself…. next episode please?

  4. Please finish up this story biko…. no leave us for hanging **seyi’s voice****

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