Walking Away

walking away

I am doneI’m no longer holding on to the impossibleYou are the impossible

You are not the first impossibleYou probably won’t be the lastBut ama keep walkingCos I know you are not the possibleThere has to be a possible somewhereSomewhere I don’t knowA place where souls meetHearts grow fonderEyes understand each otherI am no good for youI understandBut what good are you to me?You wear your shame like a vesselProudly owning up to your weakness without amendsDid you think I will wait out your bullshit?If you thought so, how nice!But for how long?I am comfortable in my skinI love my me timeI do not need approval from anyone to be happyHappiness dwells in meHaving tried to love you is no sinNow you have shown you are not worth the loveI will fold my lovely love, keep it right beside me and move onYou really aint worth the stressPeople stress for those who stress for themCall it conditional love but who are we deceiving?Aint we all conditionalLove is to be reciprocated.Care is to be reciprocated.Attention is craved by all.If you are too ashamed to talk about meIf you are too ashamed to admit you know meIf your gang cannot stand you chilling with me or the idea that you know meThen take a walk.I have taken mine.Have fun being the demon you want to be.Bless

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