Decanter Of Memories – 4


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I went to school the next day to get my call up letter the next day. I was posted to Kaduna, I was angry but I looked forward to redeploying to Lagos. I met Mena in camp and soon afterwards we became very good friends. After three weeks in camp, I noticed that Mason and I drifted apart and it bothered me but I reassured myself that all was well. He seemed to be avoiding me and I felt he was seeing another girl. I did not confront him but I grew distant too.

             One day I decided to tell him my observation. He smiled and told me that work was hectic. He convinced me that I was the only girl in his life. Mason told me the following day was his best friend’s girl friend’s birthday.

               I told him that I would not be able to make it because I was determined to get him off my mind. I was so sure he would break up with me any moment. After much coaxing I decided to accompany him to the party. I paid Dubem’s mom a visit, I never called while I was in camp but she called me a number of times while I was in camp. I wanted to go to her office but I called her first.

               She was not picking and this made me worried so I went to her office. I was relieved to see her. She informed me about the flash drive, she broke down in tears and I didn’t know what to say to pacify her.

                “Were you the one that sent the videos?” she asked.

I couldn’t lie to her so I nodded slowly, “Dubem wanted me to do it. It was her last wish; your husband is so wicked. I am happy he won’t be having your estate.”

                  “I really need to go to France, I have to find him, and I need to find my child too. I will find succor in that child.”

                   I went to mom’s office afterwards to see her and I ran into mom’s attorney, I was crushing him seriously. I had found the perfect replacement for Mason and I was determined to make him mine. Jayde told me to stop dreaming. When mom was done with the short meeting she had with the French lawyer, we went for Lunch.

                   The following day, Mason and I attended his best friend’s girl friend’s party. We arrived late because we had a misunderstanding. I saw the French lawyer; he was flabbergasted when he saw me. We did not greet each other but we maintained steady eye contact, Mason noticed and he was aggravated.

                “Who is that guy?” he asked

               “I don’t know but I think he is mom’s attorney.”

              “He is too young to be an attorney.” snapped Mason.

               “Why? I can sense that the green eyed monster is lurking around.” I replied                                                                   I was relieved that Mason was Jealous but my relief was short lived when I saw Dr Adigwe, he was the chairman of the occasion.

                  Dr Adigwe sighted me and he came to say hello “Jessa, always looking beautiful. I see you brought your boy toy. What are you doing here? Are you a friend to Solace Jean-Michel the celebrant?”                                                                                                                                                   I froze when I heard the name Jean-Michel I remembered when I discovered the videos. I tried to disregard the idea that Solace was Prof Nanya’s daughter.

                 “My supposed boy toy is a friend to the celebrant and what are you doing here? Did you come with your girl friend?”

                 “The celebrant’s fiancé is my biological son.” he replied.

                “Good heavens! You have a son? Poor Nanya. I assume you are going to take away her Estate and give it to your son.”

               “I will kill you before you ruin my plans. I am sure you must be missing your friend, my daughter. I think it’s high time you visited her.”

              I walked away as fast as I could away from Dr. Adigwe, later on Mason and I went to say hello to the celebrant. I didn’t know what to think of Solace because bore no resemblance to her supposed mother, Prof Nanya. I kept staring at her and she was forced to ask, “pardon me do you know me? Because you look like you just saw a ghost. My name is Solace and Mason has said a lot about you. Apparently he did justice because you are as beautiful as he said.”

             “My name is Jessa pleased to meet you.”

             “I know that already.” replied Solace.

             Mason and Ikechukwu (Dr Adigwe’s son) excused us and I knew Mason was up to something. I had a swell time chatting with Solace, I asked her so many questions and I found out that the handsome attorney I met earlier was her brother. She told me that she was in Nigeria to find her mother and her dad.

                “Have you met your mother?” I asked

                “Like I said before that is why I am in Nigeria and I’ll find her and make up for the twenty seven years we lost.” Solace replied.

               “So are you older than your brother or vice versa?” I asked.

              “We are twins, Rene is my twin brother and we are both lawyers. I don’t know why I said all these things; forgive me for making you bored. I just met you and I have told you my life history.” she replied.

              “Thanks for confiding in me; I assure you that you will not regret it.”

                 I was interrupted by Dr Adigwe, he wanted to speak with Solace, and I smiled uneasily and went to look for Mason.

                 “Oh Mason. Solace is a twin; her brother is that gorgeous attorney. The one that you are jealous of……..”

                  “Sorry to interrupt you Jessa. Ikechukwu’s father’s name is Obed; Adigwe is his great grand father’s name. Hmmm strange.”

                  It was obvious that Mason did not want me to talk about my new crush and I was so stupid enough to make him so jealous. I told Mason that I was so sure that I had found Prof Nanya’s children and I also told him about Jean Michel’s death.

                   “I am so surprised that it was so easy to find Prof Nanya’s children. To make matters awesome, they are twins.”

                   “I don’t like this Jessa, something stinks and I want you to be extremely careful. Good things do not come easy.”

                    The drive home was lovely, Mason seemed more caring and we bonded well “I am scared of losing you.” he said and I smiled and told him that it was the other way round. “I am the one that should be saying that. As a matter of fact I thought I already lost you.” Mason stopped the car and I was worried.

                  “What’s wrong?” I asked

                  “You are priceless to me. I am not exaggerating, when I think of you. I think of the mother of my kids, that’s how far I am ready to go.”

                    “Slow down Zeus.” I said, smiling.

                    “Really? Zeus? I am nothing like him.”

                    “Oh yeah you are, I am so sure Zeus was hot! And so are you. You are my Zeus, mine only. I don’t plan on sharing you with any other goddess.”

                    I  kissed him and pulled away, he frowned.“I hate it when you do that Jessa.”

                    “What?” I asked, feigning surprise. I knew exactly what he meant.

                     “You keep pulling away, like you are scared of…” He didn’t finish his sentence.

                      “That’s as far as I can go, I am not ready for… ”

                      Mason smiled, he understood. “I get it babe but that was not what I meant. You have trust issues and I can sense it. I promise not to hurt you.”

                  I stroked his hair and all that I could think of was how much I missed those lips. When we got to my house, he pulled me close and hugged me so tight, so tight that I thought I was going to choke. When he released me, we talked for a while. Perfect moment, I didn’t want it to pass by but it began to rain so Mason bade me good night

                 “I don’t want you to get drenched.” he said.

                 “I don’t mind getting drenched.” I replied.

                 Tare had been watching us, when I got into the house she smiled and asked, “missing Romeo already?” I didn’t reply. I headed for my room and she shouted. “Too bad he likes you. You do not deserve it.” I ignored her because I was so happy with the ways things turned out.

              Mom and dad had left for work before I woke up; I went to the kitchen to fix myself breakfast. I dashed to Prof Nanya’s house to check up on her. Her car was nowhere to be found.

             “Madam’s car was stolen last night.” said the Security man.

             “Is she in?” I asked.

             “Yes.” he replied.

             “What about her husband?”

             “He left for work few minutes ago.” he replied.

              When I went in, I saw Prof Nanya and I wanted to start talking but she cut me short, telling me that she was late for work, it was obvious she didn’t want to talk so I left. When I got back home, I had my bath and slept for two hours, dressed up and left for Prof Nanya’s office. She apologize for the way she treated me.

                “I did what I did to protect us, my husband installed cameras all over the house to monitor me ever since the death of Dubem.”

                “I have bad news for you. Should I start with the good news?”

                “Deliver the bad news first.”

                “Rene Jean-Michel is dead.”

Prof Nanya broke down; I tried to keep a straight face. I did not want to sympathize.

                 “The good news?” she asked amidst tears.

                 “Your children, the beautiful twins are closer than you ever imagined and they are in Nigeria, I met them last night.”

                 “Twins? But I wasn’t carrying twins.”

                  Prof Nanya’s countenance changed. After a moment of silence, she asked me how I discovered and I repeated what Solace had told me last night. “I have another bad news to deliver.” I said “your beautiful daughter is slated to marry Dr Adigwe’s son, Ikechukwu in two months time.

                  “This will not happen. Take me to my children right away.”

                 “That’s going to be impossible because I just met her and it would be so weird for me to tell her that I know her mother. We have not gotten to that level of friendship. Right now we are just acquaintances.”

                 “I am no longer patient Jessa. That virtue is extinct in me.” She snapped.

                 “Calm down, we have achieved a lot in one night. I was not even planning on attending the birthday party but I did and I met your children. Nobody thought it was going to be easy to find your children.”

                  “Do they look like their father? Are they beautiful?” She asked.

                 “More than you can imagine, I can’t tell if they look like their father but one thing is certain. They are very lovely and beautiful.”

                  Solace called me; she wanted us to meet over lunch to talk and get to know me better. I told Prof Nanya after I hung up, “I want to meet her.” She said. I didn’t want to prolong things so when I met Solace over lunch I told her about Prof Nanya and she looked so surprised.

             “Do not toy with me. I have been searching for my mother for two years. This year makes it the third year.” said solace.

             “Try taking a DNA test when you meet her.” I replied.

Prof Nanya was watching from a distance and when I stood up to leave, Prof Nanya went towards the table where Solace was. I left the restaurant afterwards because mom needed me to help her with something. When I got to mom’s office, I saw Rene

              “What are you doing here unannounced? My mother is not here.”

              “You look nervous. Are you scared.” He teased

              “No I am not.” I replied.

               I stood up to leave and he blocked my way and I just kept breathing heavily. Mom interrupted the moment and I was relieved. Apparently, Rene came to get a document and mom went to get it. After collecting the document from mom, he scanned through it. He looked through it for about 5 minutes and bade mom goodbye before leaving. I stood up and said, “mom I left my phone charger at the reception. I have to go get it.”

              Mom just rolled her eyes; she knew what I was up to. She smiled and just shook her head. Rene was on his way to the car park when I saw him and I shouted, “hello!” He looked back and he smiled, I stupidly smiled back. He offered to drive me home and I declined but I was dying the inside to accept his request.

              After all the pretence, I ended up accepting his offer, I enjoyed the trip home. When I got home, I tried getting through to Dubem’s mom but it was Solace that answered the call.

             “Hello Solace. Where is your mother?”

             “She’s fine, she is with me.” she replied.

             “I want to speak with her please.”

             “Sorry dear, she is fast asleep.”

             “Hmm okay dear but that is strange. Prof Nanya, your mother hates taking afternoon naps.”

             “Really? Maybe she has changed.” replied Solace

            “Please could you tell her I called and that I really need to talk to her?” I asked.

            “Sure, you bet I will.”

Written by Kezi Angela Patrick

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  1. Nice piece but filled with typos…. Please Madam Elsie, let this writer proof read her work. Good story line

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