Drunk Song

drunk song drowning

Cycle of wine, drowning in vile

Constantly juiced never sober

I remember my first drink, how it felt.

The first sip, my first kiss with Dionysus,

Burning my throat, warming my belly;

Drowning out the petty rubbish.

Take me far. Into a world I won’t remember.

Nothing here is worth my memory anyways.

So I will settle with my second love;

For the first left me to break like a smashed clay pot.

Let him tell me the secrets of booze,

Whisper sweet nothings of pure unadulterated intoxicating love

Give me his higher education,

Journey me to the land of inebriation.

Don’t you judge me.

We all need coping mechanisms

You have God, some have Porn

Some Weed, I have my bottles

Let me be inundated in mine.

For when the night comes my lover will be here

Send the demons running,

Lock my floodgates of pain.

And when dawn arrives.

I will be able to face it, red eyed and emboldened.

With alcohol flowing in my veins.

 Ms. Oyaghire

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