Adam and Eve’s Thought

Adam and Eve's Thought

By Elijah Kehinde Gabriel

I need not to conquer Satan,Principalities of power in high places,Demon, poverty and miseries of mischieves.The only enemy I need to conquer/defeat is SIN.

It kills faster than the worlds deadliest diseasesIt cripples the mind,Cages one from true reality.It kills whatever the heart wills,Steals your aimAnd destroys the soul.

Oh He has relativesIts RULE and LAWSHow can we walk without the head moving or talk without moving the lipsHe limits and restricts our movements like the bird in a cage.Breaking free haunts and freedom calls beckoning.Ignoring this calls displeases meBut I need a changeThis need motivates me to actionBut then will this end good or bad?How would I know if I didn’t give it a try.

Experience invites me on a dateThe date I have long waited forFor a second my heart beats rapidlyI haven’t felt this way beforeIs this a good sign or bad omen?I stretched my hands to experienceAnd I embraced destinyMatching rules and laws on their faces.

Through an encounter, sharply, my eyes flashed light like that of a touchI couldn’t imagine what my world was like until now.You want to know? Curiosity noddedI passed on my experience and we saw the same.

Conscience judged me and shame sets in.Oh mine! What have I done?

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