Happy Mothers’ day

happy mothers day

Happy mothers’ day to every mother and to be mother out there. We love you dearly. Mothers are the greatest gift to humanity, without them the world would be chaotic. The love of a mother can’t and has never been quantified with any kind of love. Show every mother around you love and make sure they don’t stop smiling today or ever.happy mothers' dayEnjoy this short poem written by one of our wonderful contributors:

happy mothers day
Photo credit – Photography.nationalgeographic.com
Her silence beckons all from distanceLike Hibiscus flowers of unity and peaceHer heart is goldSmoulded into rare diamondHer brimming dreams bathThe world with radianceWatching over her city with valor,Defending it from preying souls.Like a mother Hen, she watches her chicks.Mother is an open sanctuaryPure and open to allGiver of hope;Giver of strengthSeeing the beauty within.Mother is a goddess;Defending, rewarding, punishingMother is a friend;Enemy of none.Mother is the good heartwith the life of a goddess.
Written by Unique

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