The House – 25 (R-18+)

The house

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SESAN……We got to konigba to meet Bode and Blackky half drunk…no chill at all, they had taken off without us. And that wasn’t even the surprising part. They were laughing and gisting like old time buddies. Pretty strange but how’s that my business. Wahidi and I sat down and ordered our drink then got down to the matter of the day.

So, who go follow Yemisi talk? Na Michael for sure pass but e be like say bobo no go get time“….I started

Why? Dem don kidnap am?“….Drunk Blackky talking

Walahi Blackky, everything wey you suppose use get sense na im you don use get belle“…Wahidi

Shuu, no be question I ask ni abi wetin sef?.”

It took all I had in me not to burst out laughing.  This was a serious issue. I took a sip out my drink. .chei, this Jedi was tasting quite different today. Well it was the alcoholic content we require. I scratched my beards, I knew all this would end up with me being the one to talk to Yemisi. And it sure as hell wasn’t going to be easy.

Sesan, you would be the one to talk to her. It would be better that way“. Bode said as if I didn’t know. This boy was always slow to boot, guess that’s the reason he is in this mess sef. I took another sip. …how was I going to table the matter before Yemisi now o. Hmmmm…My phone beeped, pulled it out to look at the message that just came in and was shocked to see it was a ping from Latifah. Haven’t seen her since the whole issue in aso rock. I read the ping which stated that she had to see me immediately. That it was urgent she did so. .What could be so urgent?  Abi she sef don get belle ni?

Why you dey frown? Person Don slap you thru phone ni“….Wahidi brought me back to my surrounding.

No jare. Get sense na“..I took one long sip from my drink and put the cup down still half full.

“I dey come, I wan sharply see person for next Street“. I stood up.

“Ehn chill make we all finish drink go together na“….Blackky said.

Shey o ya weyreh? Dem born us together ni?“…I didn’t wait for his reply, just dusted myself and walked out. I buzzed Latifah as I made my way quickly home and asked where she was. She replied that she was home, told her to meet me in the room in the next ten minutes. Then I got the second shocker of the day…Latifah asked me to come over specifically stating that no one was home.  Wahala wa .what was the meaning of this ooo? Father lord guide your soon oo abi what was going on? I started walking slowly as I got into the street. Why was I thinking like this sef? The girl probably wanted me on her side in the race for Bode’s heart. Chei, see as your head dey work. .Shey Bode heart abi na head ni Don turn Olympic gold medal, to her job good o.

I got to Iya Nuru’s compound and banged on the gate. ..abi she sha talk say na only she dey house. Five minutes later and I was still at the gate oo, no one had come to open the gate. I was about to pick up my phone and curse her when the Gate finally opened up. Oh boy, forget Bode’s heart….she could have all of Bode sef for ritual if she wants with the way she was dressed..dressed ke? she had only a bra and bumshort on. See boobi….

Broda Sesan Ahan! Would you stop staring and come inside?

“Sorry jare..This your cleavage can make a father reconsider his vows“…I said as I walked into the compound while she shut the gate behind me.

You are not serious“..She said laughing as she led me inside the house proper. I had never been inside Iya nuru’s house before. ..Imagine after all these years. With Latifah walking in front of me, I forgot that and let all my attention be on that ass. Chei, Bode you go forgive me ni because if this girl do mistake open, I go fuck am! funny we went into the house through the back, walked through a dark passage till we got to a room..dark but cold.

Oya sit Let’s talk“…

Sit where“.. I asked as I managed to look around for a chair. My eyes was getting accustomed to the darkness now and I could make out a bed on the floor. .It was a well rugged room but asides the bed and chair there was nothing else in the room. Latifah sat on the bed and faced me I assumed sha because I couldn’t really see her properly but could make out her shape on bed.

So what was so important?” ..I went straight to the point because I knew the longer I stayed alone with her the more the temptation.

I want to talk to you about Bode“…..

I said it! I said it! My instincts no dey deceive me. So this was the reason she had buzzed me? This girl no well..

See let me tell you, I don’t want to join in this matter. I wasn’t there when una dey do shit. And if not for the fact that Bode is my cousin, I would even support Uti.

Ahan na“…

Yes let’s just forget the topic. I have to go, I left the guys alone“…it was best to leave early to avoid temptation because my stupid eyes were already straining to see her boobs in the dark.

If you say so oo but that’s not the main reason I pinged you“….

Then why?“…now I was lost

She didn’t say anything but I could see her figure leave the bed and move towards me. She knelt before me and placed her hands on my thighs.

The thing is I am very horny right now and couldn’t think of anyone else to fuck“….It wasn’t anything else but the way she used the word “fuck” that had my brain on overdrive.

But you know I can’t fuck you. Not possible“….Sesan Yes! Fight the temptation.

You don’t have to fuck me, let me fuck you“…her hands were on my zip. Hmmmm Bode you go forgive me noni. .

Hmmm” was all I could say.

I suddenly pulled her up and sat her on my legs as I buried my mouth on her neck. If she was horny, I was hornier abi wetin be the next word? She bit my ear and I could feel her hot breathe. My dick went loco. ..I missed up her throat taking my time running my hands up her back to her bra hook. In no time my lips were on hers and it was more of an ignition as I unhooked her bra and her boobs came to life. It wasn’t time yet as I was enjoying her lips more at the moment. She wrapped her hands around my head as she stuck her tongue into my mouth. I sucked on it while trying to force my hands into her bumshort from behind. Teaser she had nothing else on. She raised her ass off my legs a little to allow me full access and I took full advantage cupping up all of that ass. Fuck it was as soft as I had always imagined it to be.

Our lips were still busy probing each other’s face and we were really in the mood when she cut me off and stood up. I was breathing heavily as I sat and watched her turn around and wiggle out of her shorts. That ass kept bouncing and all I could think of right now was spanking it. She took her time getting the shorts off punishing me. I managed to hold myself not to touch, let her run the show.

Then she turned around to face me and all I could was a damn figure 8. She bent over and pulled my shorts off a little enough for my dick to spring out. She touched it and stroked it a little and before I could fully enjoy it, she was slowly lowering herself onto my dick. I closed my eyes and threw my head back…couldn’t say if it was my dick that was too big or her pussy too tight but I sure could hear her gasping as she took more of me in till my dick was all in her. She didn’t do any but let her head fall on my shoulder. I let my hands into that ass and gave it a tight squeeze.  Then she started moving slowly at first getting used to my dick inside her. As she gained momentum so did my hands…I grabbed and spanked her ass so hard that she cried out.

I love it!”.. .

She was bouncing on my dick with an insane speed now that each time I tried to suck on her nipples it kept falling out of my mouth so I took out all my frustration on her ass. I pulled my legs out and stretched, held onto her ass then started fucking her hard from under.

Yes yes fuck me. .I love your dick!!!!“.. Couldn’t tell if it was a moan or she was crying but right now it wasn’t my concern. I kept thrusting into her with all the energy I could muster. Was going all crazy in her pussy when she suddenly jumped off.She knelt down before me saying…..

I need to taste myself“..

She didn’t go slow this time, she took me all in her mouth at once. Deep throating at the very first entry, I was in heaven.  I sunk my hand into her hair and choked her on my dick and when I was sure she couldn’t breathe, I pulled her off. . She was gasping for air. .She stood up and kissed me making me taste my precum off her lips.

Latifah was killing me as she turned around and sunk her pussy on my dick once more and this time I could see properly in the dark as her ass kept going up and down on my dick. The only sound in the room was of her gasping for sure. I let a hand to the front and was stroking get clits with my thumb as she kept fucking me.

“Yes right there.. don’t stop“.. But I did stop, coming to the back and spanking her ass. .seeing it bounce back in reply was too much for me to take.

I pushed Latifah off me and onto the bed as I was about to cum. She was Panting on bed as I stood over her and jerked off about a bucket load of hot sperm all over her..fuck!I fell on bed right beside her..

Thank you“, She said

I was about to reply when we heard footsteps in the passage. I closed one eye. .

Bode. …”Omo make we dey go house jare, Sesan go meet us there“…Blackky said.  Or was I the one that said it shit I think I am drunk.  Or wait I am not, I think I must have drank five cups or so.I looked at Blackky and he looked like a teddy bear so I wrapped my arms around him.

Yes I love you too” I think I heard him say.

Awon eleyi tii ya weyreh o’“..I could hear Wahidi’s voice from the distance. All was bleak as I fell to bed to sleep.

Written by BASS (Twitter – @Bass_Ige)

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