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This was an opportunity of a lifetime. I could use the money from this deal to open that pharmacy I’ve always dreamed about. I’ll be my own boss, open when I want, close when I want. Right there in Bosco’s car I called one of the nurses on night shift to cover up for me after promising to pay 30k for her troubles. Bosco insisted I go to treat Don tonight because he was in a bad condition. I had no problem with that since I’ve already gotten someone to stand in for me at the hospital but first I had to get my first aid kit at my place. Bosco dropped me at my place after telling him to return to pick me up in an hour time. I entered into my compound grinning from ear to ear, all that was on my mind was the 1.5 million naira that was about to change my world and did I hear Bosco saying I could make more from it? Maybe 2 million or more than that depending on how well I took care of Don Corleon sexually and physically?

I was ready to put all sexual skills I’ve ever learned, read about or watched in a movie or those blue films I sometimes watch when I’m horny and when I’m through with him he’ll either make me his permanent mistress or pay me more than he had in mind. I didn’t notice I had visitors waiting for me at my doorstep until I was very close to it. I had been fantasizing if not I would have seen them from the gate. It was Rose and a guy I’ve never seen before. Remember Rose? The pastor’s daughter who had discharge from her vagina. After dropping her vagina sample at the lab the test had come back positive after culture for the bacteria staphylococcus aureus. I prescribed Ciproofloxacin 500m twice a day for 14 days then told her to come back for test after a month. I educated her on the bacteria called staph letting her know that it’s not remotely a Std. It’s a bacteria that when on the outside of our bodies on our skin, is completely normal, when it gets inside our bodies in our blood or urine is when it can be a real issue. I also told her to make sure her boyfriend gets tested for staph in his semen. It was barely a month so I wondered why she was here to see me.

Welcome aunty” she greeted me as she stood up from where she had been sitting.

Good evening ma” the young man also greeted.

Thank you, thank you, evening my dears. And to what do I owe this visit” I opened my door wide inviting them to come in.

They followed me in sitting down as I told them to sit down. I had no time to waste so no time for pleasantries.

Rose spoke first

Aunty this is my cousin Adams. After hearing about the problem he has I told him about you and how you helped me last month which I’m still so grateful for

That was when I took a good look at the young man she came with. He was sexier than he was fine and should be about 22 years of age. He looked shy probably because he was in the company of a stranger who happened to be female.

So how can I help him?

She then went on to tell me how he complained about having problem urinating. He always experienced thus sharp pain whenever he tries to urinate. As most people do he started taking self-medication, buying antibiotics from chemists hoping it will solve the problem but he only got a mild relief. He had to talk to someone and he chose his cousin whom he was really close to after noticing sores on his private part. I sighed. Maybe because I’m a nurse that’s why I don’t understand the wisdom in people spending money on self-medication without even knowing what they are treating when they can as well spend that money in getting a test done and receiving proper medication for whatever it was that ails them. It baffles me like crazy. I told him I will have to examine the sore. I went to my first aid kit, took out my gloves and strapped it on. He reluctantly followed me to the toilet and was hesitant in taking down his trousers.

You guys should have gone to a make doctor or pharmacist if my sex was gonna be an issue. Now I don’t mean to be rude but I do have somewhere to go to

He immediately dropped down his pant and closed his eyes as I pulled down his boxers to bring out his manhood. Wow!!! I thought as I held his dick in my hand. So big for one so young and it wasn’t even erect. Thank God he had his eyes closed if not he would have seen my reaction at the size of his manhood. And I thought Kayode’s dick was big. Kayode’s dick was learning where this young man’s own is concerned. I hurriedly examine it to know the nature of the sore. The sore was bigger than I had thought and when I touched it the poor boy gritted his teeth in pain. I told him sorry feeling his pains

Do you usually have discharge from your penis?”

With his eyes still closed he replied


What color? White, green or yellow?”



I told him to put on his trousers as we proceed to go back to my room.

I’m thinking its gonorrhea, but you need to get tested for sure. Do you have a lover?

He told me about the sugar mummy he was dating and having unprotected sex with. I scribbled nurse Yemisi’s number on a piece of paper for them to call first thing in the morning. She will invite them to the hospital for a test. With that I discharged them.

When Bosco called to tell me he was at the front on my gate ready to take me to Don’s place I was dressed in one of my nurse’s uniform I had outgrown. It was too short, too tight and had my boobs begging to escape from the cut at the neck. Bosco whistled when he saw me and couldn’t help his eyes straying to my breast every now and then even when he was at the wheel taking me to this boutique where I was supposed to spend the 200k I was given. When we got there I bought some sexy gowns with lots of lingerie. I was just about stepping out of the boutique when I saw this sexy red temptress lingerie on a hanger. It was transparent. It looked like the type a stripper would wear. The price was crazy but to me was worth it with my plan to drive the Don insane making him bring out his cheque book every time he sees me in it. After about an hour drive we finally pulled into a lonely street. Since Bosco told me about this deal I never thought of anything but the money. Now this lonely dark street got me thinking about the dangers involved with this arrangement. I felt stupid. I never cared to ask about the nature of the shooting that got the Don injured. I didn’t even know if it was the police or his rival. What if they come back and another shooting takes place and I was caught in cross fire? Or if the police decides to raid this place and finds cocaine on the premises? Will they believe I’m not using and I’m only there to treat the Don and also fuck him when his horny? Stupid me. When I heard 1.5 million all thoughts of danger flew out the window. Before I could turn to Bosco to tell him I was having a change of heart four men suddenly sprang out of the Bush that was on the both sides of the road with shot guns on their hands. They flagged our vehicles ordering us to stop. When I saw them you need to see the way I jumped out of my seat gripping Bosco with all the strength I had in me. He just smiled enjoying the way my breast was pressing into his face. Bosco stopped the car identifying himself. They looked into our car checking for other occupants and when they found non the leader asked us to continue. I was badly shaken. Before I could open my mouth to tell Bosco to turn back we were already driving into this big house as the gate opened for us and Bosco drove in.

Cool down baby no one is gonna harm you

Bosco I, I… please take me back” I was almost I’m tears

He wasn’t even listening to me, he was already out of the car shaking the guys that where guarding the entrance to the house. I tried to still my nerves as I sat there watching what was going in. After exchanging pleasantries he finally came to my side of the car, opened the door and kindly dragged me out.

Now let me introduce you to the Don

Now I wasn’t so keen about the whole thing but it was too late to back out now. I mumbled a silent prayer for protection. So funny how one remembers God in times of troubles.

I took a good look round my surrounding. The house was really beautiful, kind of like a doll house with a huge water fountain at the middle of the compound. Everywhere was tiled to perfection, one could tell a whole load of millions had not been spared. Bosco whispered into my ears when he saw me starring round like a village girl

And this is his smallest house. His special hide out

So drug money do pay like this. If only I had the guts I wouldn’t mind being in the same business after all I am in the drug business just that mine was legal. Money good o

We entered the front door and was ushered into a big white sitting room by one of the armed guards. Sitting on one of the sofas like it was his throne sat this big bearded man I guess to be the Don. He had no shirt on. For a minute I actually thought he was Rick Ross, the only difference was that he had no jewelry on or dig tag or whatever they call those chains Ricky always had on. He was looking at me like he was ready to devour me. He had this sling on his arm, I guessed where he was shot. Bosco changed as he was in the Don’s presence. He was like a lap dog seeking to make his master proud. He started with the introduction but the Don cut him short when he said with this deadly voice

Please leave us

I didn’t want to be left alone with this man. He looked like a killer. I tried to give Bosco an eye signal telling him not to go but Bosco didn’t even look at me as he walked out leaving us alone. If this man was to kill me right here I knew Bosco wouldn’t lift a hand to help me. My heart hammered in my chest. The Don just sat there for some minutes staring at me without saying a word making me so uncomfortable.

Don’t just sit there, come take a look at this injury, I believe Bosco must have filled you in

I got up to where he was, removed the bandage on his hand. He had been shot close to his hand. Actually the bullet had just grazed him. It didn’t cause much damage but the wound was deep and despite that the pain would be excruciating. Whoever dressed him did it badly. I removed the old dressing, cleaned the wound before giving him anesthetic injection on his arm to numb that area before sewing the wound close. I looked at my handwork when I was through and so did the Don

I must commend you for a job well done” before I could say thank you I felt his left hand up my gown cupping my vjayjay. I guess it was reflex cause I couldn’t recall thinking about it not to talk of initiating it and in his own house with armed men everywhere until I felt my hand on his check. I had slapped the Don, I tried to hide the fear from my eyes after all I was in the Lion’s Den the only difference is that I wasn’t Daniel so my chances of survival was slim. I wondered the devil that had prompted me to slap him.

The Don fixed me with a look so fierce which made me draw back. Though his entire face reddened with anger, his eyes conveyed nothing. They were black and expressionless.

You will pay for that” Don declared in a hoarse and menacing voice

And that scared me more than anything I could think of. He moved forward taking a hold of me by the shoulder. I attempted breaking his grip as I yelped like a puppy but he was stronger than me. He pushed me down to the couch. I forced myself up again prying his grip from my shoulder but he slid his hand down mine twisting it behind me. He then pushed me over so that I was bent backwards but still not all the way down. He gave a brutal push making me to fall backwards onto the couch. He lay on top of me looking into my face

“I am Don Corleon and nobody, I repeat no fucking body has ever slapped me and gets away with it, not even if it is my mama” he raised himself up leaning on his good hand.

I was so scared

I’m sorry” I said

I guess he saw the fear in my eyes. He smiled. He bent his arms partially lowering his weight down onto my body. That was when I felt his hardness. I smiled back to lighten the mood. He proceeded to press his hardness against my thigh. I yielded feeling suddenly relaxed.

You would not have done that if only you knew who I am and how I can change your world

I was ready for him to change my world so I moved my leg up slightly to accommodate him. My short gown had traveled up my waist exposing my laps and vagina with the pubic hair glittering with the light. In my haste I had forgotten to wear pant under my gown. He looked down and immediately the danger in his eyes were gone replaced by passion and lust.

And I just I said I’m sorry” my voice was soft and responsive delivered in a cooling tone of a lover. I stretched my other leg out as he pushed his hardness onto my belly rubbing into it round and round. I brought my knees up on either side of him pressing, closing in on him. He lifted himself from me a little bit shifting his weight preparing to settle into a more advantageous position. His breathing was shallow and ragged full if sexual urgency, his wound and pain forgotten. He arched his back while tearing at his trousers as though he feared she would change her mind. When his trouser was finally out of the way, Nancy helped him to wear the condom he had put in her hand, he then looked down between their bodies before plunging into my wet red dripping hole.

Written by Tanya
Written by Tanya

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