Happy Birthday to Me + Download OYA START BLOGGING

Elsie Godwin - 2018 - elsieisy blogToday is my birthday and I am expected to say something grand, nice and be thankful right? But Naa, I am just here, I feel old and unsuccessful. Don’t mind me though, I am glad I didn’t have to write this piece yesterday, it would have sounded very bad. But I am here, the day is here and I am better than I was yesterday. However, I am thankful for this blog and every good thing that have come my way through it. I am also very thankful for you. For having you here, always. You are an integral part of my existence. Which is why I am excited to make this book available to you.Oya Start Blogging by Elsie Godwin 2 - elsieisy blog

This is not my first attempt at writing a book but this is the first I’m putting out. The support on Oya Start Blogging since I made it public has been overwhelming.

To celebrate my birthday, Oya Start Blogging will be available for free download for 7 days – 13th of April – 19th of April, 2018. My aim of writing this book is to get more people blogging beyond the bounds of mere gossip. I want you to embrace blogging as a tool for change. There is a great need to pass on this knowledge about the blogosphere especially where there are lots of heresies about blogging from several quarters.Oya start blogging by Elsie Godwin free download

Blogging, even if taken as a side hustle, is a big deal. It is my hope that you will understand how big a deal it is after reading my book.

Oya Start Blogging is a carefully crafted body of  work by Elsie Godwin, detailed and rich with information that are positioned not only to right the wrong perception created by a few about blogging in the eyes of the right thinking world, but to inspire even more creative, conscious and capable minded that have thoughts about becoming bloggers, writers or any other form of literary connoisseur in Nigeria to pick up their pen and bleed the ink on the papers for the world to embrace, enjoy and be informed

Do click HERE for your copy. I await your feedback and reviews – Good or bad, you know i can take it. *wink*

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  1. Happy birthday to you , happy birthday to youuuuu!
    Thank you for sharing , I hope to pick a thing or two.

    I wish you good health and all you desire

  2. Happy birthday! I wish you only the best. And thanks a lot for the book. I’m sort of having a dry spell right now and I’m sure this would help. Enjoy many more years!

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