Cheating and Condomizing

Cheating and condomizing

For all you ladies hoping to get married someday like I do and the ones who don’t see marriage as so much of a big deal like I do too…LOL, I heard saw a new one today – Cheating and Condomizing. View image below:

condomizingAccording to the image above, we have a new word – ‘Condomizing’ and it simply means Condom values. This is a situation where your man cheats engages in extra marital affairs but never forgets to wear a condom. They say this means he has values and morals and is a highly good man that should not be left for any reason. While Cheating happens when he does same thing but without a condom and then Children and STDs finds their way.

Right, I don’t know why women do this to themselves. If you are cool with staying married to a cheating husband, don’t come on social media to air your bullshit or generalise just because you have a smart phone and can afford a subscription or better still tap into people’s wifi connection. Have some shame sisteh! If your husband cheats on you to your face, condomified or not, have some dignity! Sort this thing out in your bedroom. Don’t come here slut shamming thinking you are dishing advice.

So he uses condoms? so what? What if the condom breaks? What if so many what ifs?

In my own personal resolve, if and when I finally get married, my husband wants to cheat (Chineke na pu kwa ekwensu ike o), I just don’t want to find out.

You cannot justify cheating. It is what it is. CHEATING!

I know within myself that I will be too busy being busy and taking care of him and my children to even wear the CID vest…

However, who is deceiving who? Some even went as far as saying Men have the right to cheat but the women owe it to their men to stick to the marriage even when its glaring that he cheats. hian!

Now do you want to know the truth? I will tell you:

  1. Not all men cheat.
  2. A man with ‘value’ according to you people that cheats will never ever ever allow his wife find out. Never!
  3. When a man cheats without covering his tracks then he just doesn’t care about you anymore and definitely, i repeat ‘DEFINITELY’ beating will soon be added…PHYSICAL abuse.

So we can rant all we want on social media but a man who truly cares about you will never cheat and even if he does, its a ‘smooth operator’ thing (abi how did they know that he uses condom bikonu?). You will never find out and if peradventure you do find out, he will do everything possible in his power to fix his mistakes no matter how long it will take because a real man knows when he finally finally fucks up.

Stop deceiving yourself o.

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  1. no be small slut shaming. some 2 cents don’t need to be effing shared. all na coping strategy. the things we do to ourselves. is it society or just the rule of thumb?

    1. That is just the word —> Coping strategy. Some coping strategy should be left a secret. I think its more of orientation and self-worth than society. Thanks Ugochi

  2. When did we eventually get here??.. I find it so hard to believe that a woman actually took her phone, typed this,thought it was very cool then posted it…it’s alright

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