Good Friday: ‘Judas Was No Mistake’ – Chidinma Ekile

Happy good friday - elsieisy blog

Happy Good Friday Dear Elsians and thank you all for the birthday messages from yesterday. I am definitely replying your messages one after the other. Just give me some more time. LOL

So it’s Good Friday and this message shared by Chidinma Ekile caught my attention and strikes the right cord. Read and be inspired.Chidinma Ekile - elsieisy blog

Judas was no mistake, he was handpicked and set aside. His role was crucial to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus could have accomplished His purpose without either Peter or John but without Judas, He would never have reached the hope of His calling. God can bless you through the worst of relationships, learn to accept even the painful or negative ones. If you have been betrayed or wounded by someone you brought too close, please forgive him or her. That person was really a blessing- a friend in disguise. You will only be better when you cease to be bitter, so leave my judas alone, I need him in my life, he is my mysterious friend, the one who helps me without even knowing it, his assaults send me to my knees and cause me to lean on Jesus- my ultimate friend.


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