Literary Opportunity: The Kalahari Short Story Competition

Looking for where to submit that beautiful story you have written? Consider submitting your work to The Kalahari Short Story Competition. The Kalahari Short Story Competition is a literary writing competition organised by La CENE Littéraire Association. Entry into this literary competition is free of charge, and open to all writers (of any nationality, age, and place of residence) who have not published a full-length book. Entries are welcome in French, English, and Kiswahili. Also, all types of stories are accepted: realistic, historical, psychological, fantastic, science fiction, etc. The three best entries of each linguistic category will be published in a collection edited by the Kalahari collection.

The entries will be selected by a jury of book and media professionals, which include Gauz (president of the jury), Hélène Tissières, Flora Agnes Nda Zoa, Aurore Foukissa, Philippe Bonvin, and Astrid Aïdolan-Ague.

In October, three winners will be selected in each language category with the following cash prizes awarded: winner – 1000 Euros, runner up – 500 Euros, and third place – 300 Euros.

About The Kalahari Collection

KALAHARI is a collection initiated in 2019 by Madame Flore Agnès Nda Zoa Meiltz with the publisher IFRIKIYA. Its mission is to disseminate innovative texts in literature, namely fictions, historical novels, thrillers, chronicles and other literary texts.

The collection also intends to publish files developing and popularizing various themes in the fields of society, politics, economy, science, culture, etc., as well as testimonies reflecting personal experiences or extraordinary life paths.

About La CENE Littéraire Association

La Cene Littéraire is an organisation founded by Swiss lawyer Flore Agnès Nda Zoa Meiltz to celebrate the best in African writing. It hands out the Prix Les Afriques to an African or writer of African descent who has written fiction highlighting a human, societal, ideological, political, cultural, economic or historical issue related to Africa or its diaspora annually. It has been won by Elnathan John (2019), Kei Miller (2018), Abdelaziz Baraka Sakin (2017), and Hemley Boum (2016).

About the Jury

Gauz (President of the jury)

Gauz is the pen name of Armand Patrick Gbaka-Brédé, born in Abidjan in Côte d’Ivoire. Photographer, screenwriter, satirist, he is the author of two novels, namely Debout-Payé, published in Paris in 2014, by Le Nouvel Attila and Camarade Papa published by the same publisher in 2018.

Hélène Tissières

Hélène Tissières has many years of experience teaching university literature, cinema and contemporary art. She was an associate professor at the University of Texas at Austin. Since 2016, she has been living in Geneva where she has devoted herself to several literary projects.

Flore Agnes Nda Zoa Meiltz

Flore Agnès Nda Zoa Meiltz is a lawyer in Switzerland. Cultural promoter, she is the founder of the CENE Littéraire Association and of the KALAHARI Collection.

Aurore Foukissa

Aurore Foukissa is Insurance Project Manager and writing enthusiast, Aurore Elle is also a literary columnist.

Philippe Bonvin

Philippe Bonvin was born in Lausanne in Switzerland. He is a librarian in Geneva. He explored, at a very young age, different artistic forms: writing, musical composition and piano. He has published short stories, poems and novels.

Astrid Aïdolan-Ague

Polyglot passionate about linguistics and literature, Astrid Aïdolan-Ague is a committed Franco-Beninese translator. She is also a poet.

For more information about sending your entries for this competition, kindly visit their official website or tweet them.

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