GOT Season 7 – E3 – The Queens’ Moves and The Farewell To Mama Olenna.

Game of Thrones S07 E03

The Queens’ Moves and The Farewell To Mama Olenna.

Jon and Tyrion have the reunion of bastards of some sort as the king in the North is visibly unnerved by first meeting the Dothraki savages, and then the show off of the dragons and when I thought it was all unintentional, listening to Missandei read out Daenerys’ full CV with that beautiful voice leaves no doubt that they wanted Jon to be intimidated, as Ser Davos could only pronounce him The. King. In. The. North. There must be something in this Targaryen blood that makes people blindly stubborn as Jon refuses to bend the knee to Daenerys who in turn keeps on insisting. But someone should please tell her that she isn’t the last Targaryen and oh! that the Night king is on the march and will sweep them all away. The loyalty Ser Davos displays is just something else, just surreal, he even forgets momentarily that he is the presence of one of the most powerful characters in the series and runs off his tongue.

Varys and Melisaandre.

And I still cannot believe that the Red Woman just confessed to Varys that she had made mistakes, I mean, she had burned men, women and children and she calls it a mistake! Then she says they are both destined to die in Westeroes, which is cool in itself if the White Walkers gets them both. On screen of course.

*Always remember, Daenerys Targaryen has faith in Daenerys Targaryen, get that into your heads*

Bad Guys Don’t Just Die.

The cowardly Theon Greyjoy survives the open sea, floating on a piece of wood and he is pulled out by one of the ships that survived Euron’s attack. (Why do bad people not die?) and you’ll do well to note that Petyr Baelish is yet alive.

The Marriage Gift.

Cersei will definitely have no better marriage proposal gift like Euron gave to her as he presents Ellaria and her daughter Tyene to her in the court. She agrees that they can get married after the war and as a move in good faith; she grants him control of the entire fleet of their military force with Jamie controlling land forces. Ellaria still manages to show defiance as she spits at Cersei, instead of killing her, she poisons Tyene with the poisoned kiss she had used on Myrcella and leaves her to watch her daughter die, chained across from her and just out of touching distance. She and Jamie still keep up their incest affair and show him she no longer cares who sees them or not. Then she makes a deal with a representative of the Iron Bank, promising to pay up all their debts when before the war is done.

Peter Dinklage.

We get to see Tyrion receive some more screen time than earlier episodes as he defends Daenerys to Jon, explaining that children are not their fathers and asking him to ask for something she can give him. He then convinces the queen to allow him mine the Dragonglass.

Lady Sansa Stark Of Winterfell.

Back at Winterfell, With Littlefinger shadowing Sansa (I wonder why he is still alive) and trying to twirl her around his’ little finger, the queen in the North (I hate that sound) manages to keep the land together. She gets to be reunited with Bran who is not in the least as cheerful as a normal child should be, but then, he is the three eyed raven now.  He chooses to tell her about his powers and only manages to disturb her by reminding her of her wedding night to Ramsey Bolton.

Dear Sam.

Samwell, who reads and gets things done, manages to heal Ser Joras Mormont who rushes to go back to Daenerys. He is forgiven by Archmaster Ebrose. Sam is still the most underrated stars of this show, he discovered Valyrian steel’s use, Dragonglass and its location and he healed a freaking Stoneman.

Cersei Outplaying Tyrion.

Tyrion convinces Daenerys to not go after Euron with her dragons as the people would only see her as her father because the death toll would be high and we get to see a beautiful unsullied soldiers break though Carstely Rock’s defenses through the pass Tyrion had created when he built the sewers. They overrun the Lannister’s soldiers in fantastic fight scenes that is better than those from Euron’s attack on Yara’s fleet but Greyworm is not satisfied as (I can’t believe he can count)  he notices that the soldiers are supposed to be more than the number they had fought.

Then Cersei’s master plan or should we call it queen move is revealed, she left only part of the soldiers at the Rock and had Jamie march the main forces on the High Garden to take away their gold to pay the Iron Bank then sent out Euron to take back the Rock as they attack the ships of the Unsullied. Jamie offers lady Olenna poison to die peacefully as he explains the horror Cersei has planned for her, and after she quickly drank the poison she tells him she poisoned Jeoffrey.

One more main character is gone from the show; we will miss her razor sharp tongue and powerful mind.

by Obinna Jones

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