Facts about Life by Adediran Olusade

   In one way or another, many things have crossed our ways, and from them, we have learnt. When introspective, some have made us reordered our steps, some have made us regret taking some lethal decisions, some have curbed us from embarking on unproductive adventures, and some have kept us going and hoping for the best. And at the same time, in this life, we’ve all got our personal dispositions and interpretations for the choices we have made.

   However, embracing the life realities will enable the individual to segue with balance. The truth is that many a time, men have always loved to be loved and followed, and at such times, when the expectations are cut short, they fall into a dilemma and repine. But undoubtedly, not everyone will value you or take you for who you are. Most people are far from that realization, and it’s a reason to have caused many people to shrink and wrap up. That, however, shouldn’t be a reason to falter so as to understand man’s call to attain fulfilment. One has to see oneself through the self-provided and furnished lens. 

    There are some life lessons we live by and must abide by; at times, one has to pretend as if nothing was seen, whereas something was seen. At times, you pretend as if you didn’t hear anything, whereas you heard. That’s life. Life’s most survival kits are silence and discretion: silence and pretence undergirded by a true and working definition of oneself. Life sucks just to build and teach. Escapees so far can relate with this, really. 

   Also, in this life, not all junctions are meant for a rest. Every junction states its ownership. Sometimes, you look back to see many roads you have crossed, many waves you have dodged to be where you are. And even where you are now doesn’t still say you can have a rest. We keep moving till the consciousness meets with a distinct knowledge of what you have been able to successfully gain and how you take life to be before you can say you have done well. Therefore, a key thing is to know where you are heading and avoid terminal distractions.

    In this life, get improved upon. Learn and keep learning. It’s of no use putting no exercise on the knowledge gained and no meaning therein in being ignorant after choosing to be an alien even in your milieu. Get a hunger for understanding and, in all, get wisdom because its insufficiency or its absence renders one surrounded with a storm of arrows cautiously barbed with fire. Keep knowing as it has no end. In this life, happiness is best manufactured by some cardinal intrinsic motivation and inspiration through oneself, birthed from a careful perusal into the nitty-gritty of life. A loose dependence on the outside slumps one to the ground, one’s face stooping over the soil with shame smeared across the helpless face. Create it because a long search gets you weary, resorting to settling down with the crumbs, contending with a self-bred ire.

Life is yours and everything therein. Choose where you belong, where you get adjusted to your dictates and tastes. Learn life; you get to teach it afterwards. Life has given us options; we are left with choosing and selecting. But you had better choose well. 

    Here, not all care how difficult your life is, and you are the author of your life’s story. Nobody cares, exactly. You build it the way you want it to be. You mould it. Don’t ever allow anyone to be an intruder. Enjoy what you do. Don’t be that porous to the extent that you become a tool in the hands of many. Stay wise!! You are the author of your own story. Foolishness would it be to indulge the involvement of another in backtracking it. In this life, you can’t make everyone happy, and if you tried, you’d lose yourself. If you are trying to please everyone, you will end up getting offended because it’s impossible. Let them see you the way you are. Do what you can do, don’t stress yourself on people who are probably not thinking the way you are thinking, people who probably do not take you the way you are taking them. 

    In this life, now is the only time that matters, so stop wasting it by ruminating on the past. Don’t misquote this, of course, plan for the future, don’t dwell on the past. But as you are planning, don’t forget what you do now births the future. Take care of yourself “now”. Many people fail to shape the present situation on which the future is built. They fail to consider the necessary areas that need some adjustments, and they want a bright future. Nobody can set the Thames on fire. So, plan today so that your tomorrow will smile back at you. In this life, your ambition means nothing without execution. It’s time to put in adequate actions needed. And remember, it’s one thing to have an ambition; it is another thing to have the mastery of the procedures. Set them right and follow them as you ought to. Many things will have to be put in place when building one’s future. A deviant could slow the progress. This means that there will always be the good parts and the right paths. On what are you threading? A fully known ambition comes into reality with its timely execution. 

   Lastly, in this life, time is your most valuable asset. You need to prioritize how you spend it. Time is an indispensable, invaluable asset. Whatsoever you do with your time comes back to tell back on you. Use your time, manage your time, maximise your time, and utilise it. It counts; it keeps counting, and it will continue to count. Don’t yield to sloth. Whatever you have to do, do it quick.

Life is good to anyone who has its mastery!!!

About the Writer

Adediran Olusade is a final year student at the University of Ibadan. She loves writing, especially writing poems. Currently, she resides in Oyo town.

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