Got Featured: Elsie Godwin: Our July #MustardelsMediaFocus

Of course I love being featured. Read below:

Elsie Godwin, a native of Abia state has carved a niche for herself in the Blog sphere where she is currently making waves as a leading blogger. The Lagos State University graduate of Computer Science’s blog is mentioned alongside big names in the industry. Folayemi Joshua, in this interview with Elsie, brings out what makes her stand out.

How did you develop passion for blogging?

It’s the other way round…Blogging developed passion for me. LOL when I started blogging, I did not know what blogging entails or what it could do for me as a person. But with time and much positive feedback, support and study, it became a hobby and the backbone of the personality and brand called – Elsie Godwin or ELSiEiSY.

How do you generate contents for your blog?

My blog is personal before commercial. I usually write from a personal point of view. It takes me identifying a topic and wanting to share my opinion on the identified topic. ELSiEiSY blog is also a platform where anyone with valid opinion on any issue or a literary piece can share their words, works and thoughts. I also do curate content from other lifestyle bloggers. Anything to share positivity out there gets my attention. We also have the interview section where we put interesting personalities on spotlight. Basically, we live our content.

What inspires your content creating process??

The message ELSiEiSY aims to pass. Positivity, love, tolerance and cultivating beautiful relationships.

Aside blogging, what else are you into??

I am a digital marketing strategist, a radio/TV host, Transcriber, Social media influencer, content developer and Talk show producer.

Any regrets so far??

None yet. I just keep learning and pushing forward.

Has blogging always been a passion from childhood??

LOL, I am not in that age bracket where blogging can be my passion from childhood.

What was your dream before you took to blogging??

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